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Foam Roller Waterbottle - 1.2L Sustainable Ecofriendly FlipStraw Foam Roller Waterbottle

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About Foam Roller Waterbottle

For fitness lovers who prioritize both hydration and post-workout recuperation.Tthe Foam Roller Waterbottle appears to be a combination of a foam roller water bottle. With an eco-friendly design and a larger water bottle capacity. The "1.2L Sustainable Eco-friendly FlipStraw" is advertised.

Features of Foam Roller Waterbottle


It appears that the Fitbot Foam Roller Waterbottle accomplishes two tasks simultaneously. It serves as a foam roller for self-massage and muscle healing after exercise as well as a water bottle for hydration during workouts.

Foam Roller Waterbottle

Foam Roller Waterbottle Size:

The water bottle's 1.2-liter capacity provides enough hydration for extended exercises or activities without the need for regular refills.

Eco-friendly Design:

The terms "sustainable" and "eco-friendly" imply that the materials used in the bottle's construction are considerate of the environment. Which is a plus for individuals who place a high value on sustainability.

FlipStraw Technology:

The mention of "FlipStraw" technology probably refers to a flip-up straw or spout. That makes it simple to drink during exercise without having to remove a cap.

Foam Roller Waterbottle Integration:

The standout feature of this product is its integration of a foam roller. After your workout, you can use the foam roller portion of the bottle to perform self-massage. Helping to alleviate muscle tension and aid in recovery.

Convenient and Space-saving:

Combining a water bottle and foam roller into one product can save space in your gym bag and make it easier to carry both items to the gym or for outdoor activities.

Benefits of Foam Roller Waterbottle


Having a large water bottle encourages proper hydration during workouts, which is essential for maintaining performance and overall health.

Muscle Recovery:

The foam roller waterbottle feature allows for immediate post-workout muscle recovery by rolling out tight and sore muscles, potentially reducing muscle discomfort and promoting flexibility.


With a two-in-one design, you can have both a foam roller and a water bottle in a single item, streamlining your fitness routine.

Eco-Friendly Choice:

If the product is indeed sustainable and eco-friendly, it aligns with the values of individuals who prioritize environmentally conscious products.

It's worth noting that this product seems to offer a unique combination of features that can be especially beneficial for individuals who are dedicated to their fitness and recovery routines. As with any product, make sure to consider reviews, materials used, and your specific fitness needs before making a purchase. Please verify this product's details from a reliable source or the manufacturer's website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Worth splurging for

I use this as my main simple water bottle at the gym every day. It maintains the water's coolness. This is sturdy and functions effectively for when I do want to do a foam roller session. Compared to a conventional foam roller, it is significantly smaller. It fits well in my exercise bag.

Great for a cruise!

Bought this water bottle for a 3 day cruise to Mexico. It was convenient and saved space! Filled it up the first night aboard and it stayed in the room so we didn't have to keep going down to the restaurant decks to get bottle/cups of water. I really appreciate this one came with a paracord carrying handle since the rubber handle is a bit wobbly to hold onto. It didn't leak, or puncture while in our bag. This will be the go to water bottle for any travel needs.


Perfect for back packing, can be awkward when not full. But was great when trying to pack light for a hike

Great idea

I use this daily in gym as my primary plain water bottle. It keeps the water cool. When I do want to do a foam roller session this works well and is durable. It is much more compact than a traditional foam roller. I can easily stow it in my workout bag.