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Foot Sliders Exercise - Workout Rubber Disc Markers 10 Exercises Circuit Training Set Flat Cone Non Slip

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About Foot Sliders Exercise

There are 10 flat non-slip disc markers in the FH Circuit Training Disc Set, along with a mesh bag.

Portable Use:

This foot sliders exercise can be used on any hard or soft surface because they are made of thick, resilient rubber and have a non-slip construction. Ten flat, non-slip disc markers are included in this FH Circuit training disc set, along with a mesh bag to keep them. specially created for personal trainers, sports trainers, fitness trainers, and coaches of sports teams. 

Foot Sliders Exercise

Fun Exercises:

V-Sits, Bicycle, Plank Hold, Lunges, sit-ups, push-ups, Tuck Jumps, Star Jump, Squats, and Dips are among the 10 enjoyable exercises written on the discs.

Ideal Choice:

These flat, spherical discs are the best option for usage on artificial fields, turf, and outdoor playgrounds. Ideal for educational institutions, postsecondary institutions, and recreation centers. It has 10 thick rubber discs with two each of the following colors: orange, red, blue, green, and yellow for quick identification.

How to Play:

It consists of a set of ten exercises performed back-to-back with brief rests for either a certain number of reps or a predetermined amount of time.

Customer Reviews

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Mariedel May
Love this!

After working out, it will cause you to experience soreness in your abs. I work on my core and balance with this.