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Glute Ham Roller
Hamstring Roller
Glute Ham Roller
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Glute Ham Roller - Glute Ham Glider, Glute Ham Glider Ab Slider Roller Core Workout Home Gym Hamstring Developer

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About Glute Ham Roller

Strong Metal Construction:

It is constructed of sturdy, durable, heavy-duty material to survive even the most intensive workout sessions. All Glute Ham Roller is well-made, commercial-grade equipment that is reasonably priced for your home gym.

Glute Ham Roller

Black Polycarbonate Wheel:

The All Glute Ham Glider has four 3-inch black urethane wheels. Specifically designed to help you create stronger and bigger six-pack abs, burn calories, build muscle, and enhance your overall endurance.

Proper-shape Heels and Toes Bar:

The ideal-shaped central bar ensures secure planting of the heels and toes during split squats, glute bridges, or ab rollers. The roller is almost two feet wide, providing you lot of foot stance options.

1inch  Handle:

The two additional bars have 1-inch handles for gripping when performing glute, hamstring, or ab rollouts. To make things even more difficult, connect resistance bands to the slider.

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Multi Benefits:

The simplest answers are sometimes the best. To perform hamstring curls, glute raises, glute bridges, split squats, abdominal roll-outs, and other exercises, simply place your toes or heels into the V-shaped bar or hold the bars with your hands.

Features Glute Ham Roller

  1. This is an official FXR Sports product.
  2. Ab Slider Glute Ham Glider.
  3. It's an excellent posterior chain pulverizer; simply place your toes or heels on the V-shaped bar to execute a variety of hamstring motions.
  4. Alternatively, lay your hands in the middle and use it as an ab roller to strengthen your core.
  5. You can use it in conjunction with resistance bands to perform more advanced workouts.
  6. The smooth movement of the heavy-duty wheels, made of tough powder-coated steel, allows you to focus on your exercise without any unexpected bumps.
  7. It is sent fully constructed.

Measurements of Glute Ham Glider

(W x D x H) 660 x 395 x 120mm
Weight: 5.6 kg
Maximum Load: 150kg
The measurements are approximate.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ellis Others
Hamstring Game Changer

As a personal trainer, variety is key but I’d plateaued finding new hamstring exercises. One session on this glider though and I was an instant convert – the unique movement targets fibers in a way no other equipment can match.

Lower Body Transformation

Despite following programs precisely, I battled stubborn saddlebags no matter my diet or cardio. This glider has changed everything through intense, focused hamstring engagement unlike squats or deadlifts.

Perfectly Modified Rehab

Post-ACL surgery left me skating for months on flat ground only. But this glider allowed me to progressively reload my hammies under guidance.

Fun Family Shredder

Motivating kids to train was tricky until we made the glider a competition. Who can hold a bird dog slide the longest? Most donkey kicks in a minute? Laughter whilst our glutes and hammies get shredded to the max.

On-The-Go Sculpting

Travel leaves little time for the gym between long shifts. But the hotel room floor glides with this thing sees me maintaining a lower body definition whilst on the road.