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About Gym Gloves Wrist Support

These premium exercise gloves encircle the wrist and offer complete hand protection. The silicone stamp on exercise gloves is heated, and the gasket is thicker. making them non-slip and wear resistant at the same time. Your hands are shielded from abrasion by padding.

Gym Gloves Wrist Support

Anti-slip Padded Palms Gym Gloves Wrist Support:

These RDX exercise gloves have EVA foam slabs bonded to the dorsal side and palm that support the wrist. Its ergonomic shape offers impact resistance on the palm and a flexible, non-slip grip. You can lift heavier weights for longer periods of time as a result.

This makes it possible to lift weights, work out, and exercise with these workout gloves. Small to medium sizes are appropriate for children under the age of fourteen.

Material that Lasts RDX:

Utilises premium suede leather and industrial-grade stitching to provide long-lasting weightlifting gloves. Hence, even after frequent daily use, the wrist support of these exercise gloves will remain sturdy and resilient.

Easy Take Off:

Exercise gloves and simple to Adjust For its clients, RDX goes above and above with its quick-EZ hook-and-loop closing. After a strenuous training session, RDX can ensure that trainees can easily remove the workout gloves thanks to pull tabs fastened to the fingertips.

 For Multi Purposes:

Multipurpose exercise gloves are the most recent example of gloves' ongoing attempts to improve the user experience of its products. These padded gym gloves can be used for weightlifting, bodybuilding exercises, pull-ups, rowing, speedball training for boxing, gym training, and fitness activities.


Customer Reviews

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Tony Belak
The best ever, for me anyway.

The wrist encircling design provides support and is a useful feature. Because I do a high number of reps at a moderate weight, calluses can and have formed, but they are now gone owing to these gloves. I like these and use them at the gym almost every day.