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Gymnastics Crash Mats - Kosipad Deluxe Gym Landing Crash Mat, Play, Nursury, Training Safe, Soft (Non Slip Black, Extra Large)

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About Gymnastics Crash Mats

Occasionally, we know fall arrest mats or bags, Gymnastics Crash Mats, are typically either air-filled mats or soft-filled mats. These fall protection devices are to reduce the possibility of worker injuries from falls from heights of up to around 2.5 meters.

A thick, high-density foam pad with a durable, waterproof coating that is easy to clean. When engaging in training, exercise, or even just vigorous play activities, children (and even adults) require a secure place to land, roll, or tumble. 

Gymnastics Crash Mats

It is ideal for use in gyms, nurseries, schools, playgroups, and several other settings.

It is robust enough for most settings and fits the majority of spaces.

  • Gymnastics crash mats are excellent for use indoors and outdoors. We can use it in our house, workplace, or garden. It is appropriate for practicing indoors or outdoors for any gymnast, professional, or novice. The extremely thick 10 cm crash mat foam protects the gymnast's safety and is ideal for usage in any circumstance. We keep a large selection of thick crash mats that are made to meet the many specifications for landing zones.
  • A thick crash mat's deep foam inside creates an incredibly soft surface. Which guarantees all falls, leaps, and landings are softened, adding to the safety of a landing. Primarily, crash mats for gymnastics and sports are of the finest caliber and are long-lasting. We pay the utmost attention to detail while manufacturing all gym crash mats in our warehouse in Greater Manchester, UK. We are also among the most well-liked.
  • The gymnastics crash mats are of high-density foam and coated in a waterproof, wipe-clean, 210 denier, 135 gm. polyester PU fabric.
  • Professional gymnasts, amateur gymnasts, schools, nurseries, home gyms, business gyms, and fitness all often use our thick gym mats. Gymnastics landing, tumbling & fall protection, aerial performance protection. Besides, it also use for and below indoor rock climbing walls are a few examples of usage. Law enforcement, police academy, firefighting, and military combat training facilities training sessions. It prevents falls when practicing aerial manners.
  • Instruction in takedowns and other combative arts. Crash and fall safety around exercise equipment. Anywhere else where patients could fall and be hurt during sessions is necessary for physical therapy and rehabilitation. Law enforcement, police academy, firefighting, and military combat training facilities training sessions. Additionally, Schools, playgroups, and nurseries may all help kids feel safe. Soundproofing has higher levels if they are utilized for weightlifting, exercise, or training.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Hajeen Dosky
looks and feels DURABLE!!!

After waiting for just 4 days, I received my order and was immediately impressed by the quality of this mat!!! The foam on the inside is quite firm and supportive, which is a perfect, sturdy base when I work out on my carpet floor. Such an upgrade from my old yoga mat! No more ripped pieces from thin, cheap rubber mats!! Would recommend this product to a friend!

Bernard Miles
This is an excellent exercise matt

This is an excellent exercise matt. It is stitched very well. It is made of a rigid material (I believe it's vinyl?). You can move this matt around quite easily as it is so light in weight. Once you unfold it, it lays perfectly flat, with no gaps because it's stiff enough. The inside material of this matt is quite firm, it doesn't give in to your body weight like some sort of soft foam.

A Must-Have for Safety and Comfort

The thick padding and durable construction of the mat provide excellent cushioning and support, ensuring a safe landing when practicing high-intensity moves or routines. The foam material absorbs impact effectively, reducing the risk of injuries and providing peace of mind. 💪😊

Safety upgrade for home gymnastics

I would have given anything to have these crash mats when I first started teaching my kids gymnastics at home. The thick cushioning absorbs impact from landings during forward rolls, backward rolls, handsprings and more advanced skills.

Elvira Pereira
Essential for safe tumbling practice

These crash mats have allowed my kids to progress fearlessly in their gymnastics routines. The thick padding cushions impact from landings during forward rolls, backward rolls, handsprings and more tumbling passes.