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Hot Water Bottle With Cover - Long Hot Water Bottle With Fluffy Cover 2 Litre Extra Long

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About Hot Water Bottle With Cover

This long hot water bottle with cover by Noble & Brite is ideal for cuddling couples or warm cozy nights in bed. It is also ideal for sports injuries, recovery, aches, and sprains. The Fluffy Cover is Soft and Soothing, and it also protects you from overheating, ensuring long-lasting optimal warmth. 

Hot Water Bottle With Cover

Extra-Long Design Hot Water Bottle With Cover:

Our hot water bottle with cover is 72cm long, which is twice as long as the normal hot water bottle. Say goodbye to balancing many bottles in uncomfortable places because our extra-long design can soothe multiple sections of your body at the same time!

Versatile Usage of Hot Water Bottle With Cover

This hot water bottle adapts to your preferences, whether you want a natural straight shape or a warm U shape. It's ideal for alleviating muscle aches, neck and shoulder stiffness, and offering general comfort.

Luxuriously Soft Faux Fur: 

Our thick faux fur blanket provides the best in warmth and comfort. It not only keeps the water warmer for longer, but the lovely pom-poms offer a touch of elegance.

Exceptional Capacity:

Our hot water bottle with cover holds twice as much water as the normal bottle, with a substantial 2-liter capacity. Enjoy up to 4-5 hours of relaxing warmth, ideal for those cold nights.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
This is AMAZING!!!!

I wanted to try moist heat over a heating pad. This water bottle is really really good! The heat lasted the entire night! It wasn't overly hot like some heating pads, and the moist heat helped so much more than any heating pad! I can't recommend this highly enough!

Brik Lainen
Snuggly Warm Bed

Love it! Fill it and put it in the bed a couple of hours before bedtime to pre warm the bed - helps me fall asleep instantly on cold nights. Seems durable and fills very easy!

Dolly Sajid
Nice and warm

keeps warm and has fun. I'm really satisfied with this hot water bottle so far. Would buy from again.

Love a long hot water bottle

I've grown to like this hot water bottle far more than regular-sized ones. Wrap it around your belly or around your neck for considerably better relief.
It's quite simple to fill, and you can fold it a little to pull it out of the cover if necessary. The cover is beautiful, fluffy, and snuggly. There are no leaks either. This makes me very happy.

Effective long heat

This hot water bottle is very effective for relieving coldness and giving warmth. The fabric that it is covered with is very soft and comfortable to put against the body.