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Junior Cricket Balls - Red Leather Cricket Ball - 5.50 Oz Hand Stitched 20 Over Cricket Ball

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About Junior Cricket Balls

A red leather Junior Cricket Ball is a key component of the game of cricket. Manufacturers make the cricket ball from high-quality leather, and bowlers use it to deliver deliveries while fielders utilize it to catch or field the ball during gameplay. The red color of the ball ensures visibility and allows players to track its movement effectively.

Junior Cricket Balls


Readers, a well-known and reputable brand in the world of cricket equipment, manufactures the ball.


The ball's design adheres to the specifications and standards set by the International Cricket Council (ICC) for professional matches. The ball showcases a classic red leather outer cover, which international cricket commonly employs as the standard color.


The ball is specified as "Size Mens" and weighs approximately 5.5 ounces (156 grams). Cricket balls used in professional men's cricket matches adhere to this weight as the standard.


Manufacturers construct the ball with a high-quality leather outer cover, typically cowhide or a similar material, which grants durability and performance. Inside, they utilize multiple layers of cork and tightly wound string to ensure appropriate bounce and seam movement.

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Customer Reviews

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Frank Hurst

As a substitute for a real cricket ball, it works well. Excellent, noticeable stitches for spin and grip. Reduced harm in the household and less severe injuries in the event of a hit!