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Woods Cricket Bat - Gray Nicolls Cloud Catcher Light Fielding Cricket Bat

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About Woods Cricket Bat

A wooden cricket bat is a traditional and widely used equipment in the sport of cricket. Crafters typically make a wooden cricket bat from willow wood with the intention of using it to hit the cricket ball during gameplay.

The wooden cricket bat offers several advantages, including its durability, strength, and ability to provide a good balance between power and control.

Woods Cricket Bat


Players primarily use the Cloud Catcher Light Fielding Cricket Bat for fielding drills and practice sessions. Its design aims to simulate catching high catches or skied balls during training.


Gray Nicolls, a renowned brand in the world of cricket equipment, manufactures the bat. The brand is well-known for producing high-quality cricket gear.

Design of Woods Cricket Bat

The Cloud Catcher Light Fielding Cricket Bat features a lightweight design with specific features that aid in catching practice. It typically has a shorter blade and a longer handle compared to a regular cricket bat. The extended handle allows players to reach higher balls more easily.


Manufacturers meticulously construct the bat, employing high-quality materials to ensure exceptional durability and optimal performance. Moreover, they typically utilize English willow, the preferred wood renowned for its excellence in professional cricket bats.

When selecting a wooden cricket bat, there are a few key factors to consider:

  • Willow Grade
  • Weight and Balance
  • Size
  • Handle Type
  • Blade Thickness

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing product

First of all, I felt this was excellent value because my sons, who are obsessed with cricket, wanted to pay about forty pounds for it locally. It's great for making amazing catches with a tennis ball, for example, and portable enough to be taken anywhere and used when folks need a little run around.