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Laser Arrow Battle Set - Laser Bow & Arrow Archery Set Target Stand Kids Toy Indoor/Outdoor Garden Fun

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About Laser Arrow Battle Set 

A fun and safe way to introduce kids to the fascinating world of archery is with our Laser Arrow Battle Set. This set offers young archers a unique experience that blends accuracy, focus, and a dash of futuristic technology. We have designed it with both fun and safety in mind.

With the help of this creative and engaging toy, you can watch as your kids practice their archery while going on fantastic adventures.

Key Features of Laser Arrow Battle Set 

Modern Laser Target Technology:

This set gives classic archery a futuristic spin with its state-of-the-art laser target system. Youngsters can practice accuracy and precision while playing games, thanks to laser technology.

Laser Arrow Battle Set

Safe and Soft Arrows:

Designed with player safety in mind, the arrows have rounded, soft tips that prevent injuries during play. Because of this, you may use the Laser Bow & Arrow Archery Set both indoors and outdoors.

Adjustable Laser Arrow Battle Set

Your child's archery kit will grow with it because the bow can be adjusted to fit different age groups and ability levels. Young hands can handle and shoot it comfortably because of the ergonomic design.

Target Stand:

The package includes an easy-to-assemble, robust target stand. The stand gives the target a sturdy foundation, establishing a specific area for archery practice and improving the fun factor overall.

LED Lights and Sound Effects:

When you strike the target, it will activate integrated LED lights and sound effects, appealing to your senses. This feature not only makes every shot more exciting but also offers immediate feedback, which promotes skill growth and progress.

Fun Both Indoors and Outside:

Whether it's a sunny afternoon in the backyard or a soggy day inside, you can use the Laser Bow & Arrow Archery Set in a variety of play situations.


The playset runs on easily replaceable batteries, eliminating the need to charge it for hours at a time.

With the Laser Arrow Battle Set, your youngster can unleash their inner archer. There will be countless hours of amusement, skill development, and creative play with this safe and inventive toy. With this thrilling archery set that mixes traditional outdoor pleasure with contemporary technologies, playtime can become an adventure.


  • Target board Size : 42 x 38 cm
  • Target Board with stand: 88cm x 38cm
  • Arch : 80cm x 13cm 
  • Arrow : 53cm x 4cm



Customer Reviews

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My son has outgrown his children's bow after wearing it for a year. This is a fantastic beginner level bow with all of the same attachments as my compound bow, and my son really adores it. The trigger release is a mess, but for the price, you could easily get a better one for your child, which I highly recommend because the release that comes with this bow occasionally releases on draw without pushing the trigger. Overall, it is a good purchase.