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Portable Air Conditioner Mini - 4L Air Cooler Evaporative Oscillating Unit Ice Fan W/ Remote Swing AC

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About Portable Air Conditioner Mini

A 4L portable air conditioner mini is a compact cooling device. Designed to provide personal or localized cooling in small spaces.

Presenting the 3 Speed Air Cooler, the best way to combat the intense summer heat. This cooler is your go-to friend for a cool, pleasant environment whether you're at home or work. Its easy-to-use design makes operating a snap. Just use the handy button or remote control to select between high, medium, or low speeds. 

Remote Control Air Cooler

Are you concerned that it may run too long? Don't worry—this portable air conditioner mini has an integrated timer for exact control. Not only does it have two refilled ice bins and a large 4-litre water tank. But it also guarantees that you'll have an even fresher and colder experience. With our 3-Speed Air Cooler, you can keep cool and refreshed even in the hottest of conditions.

Key Features Of Portable Air Conditioner Mini

Movable to Indoor/Outdoor Use:

With its 360° rotating casters and foldable handle, the portable evaporative air cooler is simple to transport to various locations. Such as the living room, garage, or garden.

Additionally, older people who live without air conditioning and have mobility issues can easily move and position movable swamp coolers anywhere they choose. Whether on the sofa or in bed, enjoy the cool without setting foot on the ground thanks to the remote control. 

4L Water Tank Capacity: 

The 4L water tank capacity allows the portable air conditioner mini to operate for an extended period without the need for frequent refills. It ensures continuous cooling for several hours, depending on the fan speed and environmental conditions.

4L Portable Air Cooler

Lifesaver for Summer & Electricity Bills:

The Air Choice 3-in-1 evaporative air cooler has three different functions: humidifier, air cooler, and fan. In air-conditioned spaces, the humidifying feature infuses moisture to ease symptoms of dry air, such as itchy eyes and dry skin. When comparing our swamp cooler to typical air conditioners, note that it requires less complicated installation, requires less maintenance, and uses less electricity, so your electricity bills will be less stressful. 

Smart & Safety Design:

Remote control and built-in LED display let you know about all the features. Because of the special child lock feature and the adjustable blade design, families with young children or pets may use it without worrying about their kids accidentally touching the control panel or fan blades. 

Cool Air & Energy Efficient: 

For those seeking a cool, humid, and energy-efficient summertime, the Grelife evaporative air cooler is the ideal choice. With its three-sided honeycomb filter and cooling technology, this portable cooler releases water vapour while in use to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home or workspace. This cooler's large-capacity 1.58-gallon water tank guarantees that it will run for a long time without requiring frequent water additions.

Features of Portable Air Conditioner Mini

  • Adjustable Function for Uniform Cooling

  • Contains a Remote Control for Easy Operation

  • A chic and contemporary design in white

  • Double iceboxes and a large 4-litre water tank for optimal cooling

  • Caster-equipped portable for effortless mobility

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