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Professional Foot Spa - Bath Foot Spa Therapeutic Relax Bubble Pedicure Set Sensio Spa

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About Professional Foot Spa

The Professional Foot Spa was created especially to give consumers a fun and efficient method to unwind on their feet. With so many clever features, it's no surprise that people use this spa to take care of their feet and relax after a hard day all over the world.

Features of Professional Foot Spa

Multipurpose Foot Spa:

Sensio offers a solution in the form of a multipurpose foot spa that will provide years of relaxation, in contrast to other foot spas and massaging devices that can be noisy, uncomfortable, and badly constructed.

foot spa with massager

This foot spa offers a soothing treatment for tired feet, making it the ideal place to relax after a demanding day.

Professional Foot Spa with Warm Bubble:

Raise the temperature and tend to your feet! Simply add warm or hot water to the foot bath, and subsequently unwind as the warm bubbles gently soothe tired and painful feet. Additionally, they stimulate blood flow, effectively revitalizing the muscles.

Pamper your feet with this high-end pedicure package. features built-in storage and several attachments. Perfect! tweezers, scissors, cleaning brush, nail file, and toe separators!

Lightweight and Compact Design:

This foot spa is convenient to store and move around because of its lightweight and compact design. Take the spa experience with you wherever you go—into your bedroom, living room, or even on a trip.

Give your feet a deep massage from this facility to ease and relax tense muscles. The replaceable rollers and adjustable settings make for effortless massages at the touch of a button. Seize the Sensio Spa for the pinnacle of luxury!

Special Features

  • Massage rollers with vibrations promote relaxation and regeneration.
  •  Heat increases blood circulation, arousing the muscles.
  •  Bubbles ease achy, worn-out feet
  • Bubble, heat, and massage settings
  • Removable massage rollers
  • Removable massage heads
  • Infrared heat lamp
  •  Splash guard
  • Complete pedicure set

A well-earned pleasure for yourself or a perfect gift for loved ones is the Professional Foot Spa. Ideal for self-care or as a birthday or holiday present.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Good purchase

Lovely product, as described - good value - only negative is that it is a little noisy in use - not as relaxing as it could be if quieter. Overall good purchase - thank you :-)

Brilliant product

Works perfectly although a little noisy it does what it should do and keeps the Mrs happy