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Sports Direct Foam Roller - Yoga Massage Roller Foam Roller Ball Spiky Muscle Relief Training Exercise Sets

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About Sports Direct Foam Roller:

Exercises using a sports direct foam roller are great for self-myofascial release, which helps to increase flexibility and relieve muscular tension. Make sure you're using the foam roller on a soft surface before you begin, and proceed carefully through each exercise.

Features Of Sports Direct Foam Roller: 

Effective Relaxation:

Stretching your muscles with this foam roller before working out keeps them from getting injured. Additionally, you can use muscle activation during exercise to increase the efficiency of your training. 

exercise with foam roller

Outstanding Elasticity and Durability:

The environmentally friendly EVA material used to make the muscle roller set has outstanding elasticity, waterproof properties, and resistance to deformation. Easily cleaned with water immediately.

 Convenient, Cozy, and Lightweight: Sports Direct Foam Roller

Dimensions of the foam roller: 33 * 13 cm / 13 * 5 in. The foam roller is robust in addition to being lightweight. Although it is lightweight, the maximum load capacity is 200 kg. Compact design with a broad range of uses. You can work out in a gym, at home, at work, in a yoga studio, etc. 

Safe and Convenient:

Safe Workout It is safer than utilizing complicated training equipment like metal expanders and is not as heavy as lifting dumbbells, barbells, etc. It is perfect for body shaping, Pilates, yoga, massage therapy, rehabilitation, and relieving tension. You will adore the foam roller regardless of your level of experience.

What Is Yoga?

  • Yoga is a mind-body discipline that incorporates breathing exercises, meditation, physical postures, and moral teachings.
  • It is well renowned for enhancing general well-being, strength, flexibility, and relaxation, enhanced mental clarity, reduced stress, stronger, more flexible, and better posture.

Method to Use Sports Direct Foam Roller

  1. Stretch your muscles and avoid muscular strains by using this foam roller set. During exercise, you can further enhance the training results by activating your muscles. It is also appropriate for training in balance and stretches. Use for 20 to 30 minutes each day to reduce tension and loosen up tense, stiff muscles.
  1. Constructed using eco-friendly EVA material, which is highly resilient, elastic, and water resistant, and does not readily distort.
  1. Compact dimensions and extensive utility. One can work out in a gym, at home, at work, or even at yoga.
  1. It is perfect for body contouring, stress alleviation, massage therapy, Pilates, yoga, and rehabilitation.

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Great product

Great quality foam roller. Reasonable price.Im very happy and I recommend the product to other runners and sports people