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Tricep Pushdown V-bar - Tricep V Bar Pull Down Multi Gym Machine Cable Attachment Grip Handle Push

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About Tricep Pushdown V-bar 

You can target the triceps in a single fluid stroke with our tricep pushdown v-bar. It is made of stainless steel and has a knurled grip/rubber grip.

With a universal cable attachment, the bar can be used on most gym systems.

The Benefits of Tricep Pushdown V-bar

Push-downs gradually develop your strength and improve your athletic skills. You will be able to throw balls with more force, and you will be able to push opponents more efficiently in contact sports. You utilize your triceps every day to execute a variety of jobs, so increased strength is always beneficial. Push-downs are exercises that train multiple muscle groups, including your pecs. 

Tricep Pushdown V-bar

Non-slip Handle with Tricep Pushdown V-bar:

Textured knurling handles provide a secure grip, and the chrome finish prevents corrosion and rust.

Commercial Grade:

Closed handle, heavy-duty steel construction with a highly polished chrome finish for home gyms, gyms, and training groups.


The tricep pushdown v-bar is ideal for strengthening your triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, abs, and grip strength.

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Customer Reviews

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John Doe
Excellent handle

this is good value and is robust enough for a commercial gym. Good value and quality

jeff doolan
Weight bar

This is a terrific buy that is sturdy enough for a commercial gym. Excellent value and quality

great bit of kit

Excellent bargain and prompt delivery The V bar is ideal for tricep cable work.

Solid well made and great value

Great value fast delivery V bar perfect for tricep cable work

Perfect for my needs.

This is a terrific buy that is sturdy enough for a commercial gym. Excellent value and quality