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About Adjustable Dip Bar

Want to strengthen your core and work out your upper body without using weights or other cumbersome equipment? The ideal option for you is this Adjustable Dip Bar.

Adjustable Dip Bar has sturdy and long-lasting iron steel inside that can support up to 227 kg (500 lb).

Furthermore,it allows you to perform a variety of exercises like tricep dips, chest dips, pull-ups, push-ups, L-sits, knee raises, and bodyweight rows while using.

It makes your body more powerful and tough.

Simple Setup:

Each component is quickly connected by installing a number of screws using the included tools, a few minutes before being usable.

Multifunctional Workout Equipment:

This adaptable, functional dip stand station gives you a variety of exercise options. Adjustable Dip Bar  includes body presses, chest and tricep dips, knee and leg raises, inverted rows, push and pull-ups, stretches, and more. 

It is suitable for beginners to advanced athletes and effectively aids in muscle building and fat loss.

Excellent Stability:

It's heavy-duty construction makes it solid and long-lasting for a range of exercises . In addition, it works on your core, shoulders, back, arms, and  also other body parts. Also the Rubber feet that come with the furniture make it non-slip and guard against floor scratches.

 Adjustable Dip Bar has Reliable Design

These pull-up bars, made of premium powder-coated steel and have a good loading capacity of up to 227 kg (500 lb). In addition, it provides safe use when working out with weights on your shoulders, chest, triceps, and core.

Adjustable Width and Height:

  • Yo can easily change dip bar station's width and height.
  •  The widest setting being 106 cm (42 inches) and the highest setting being 35.5 cm (9.5 inches) in measurement
  • It accommodates a range of body types and heights while preventing shoulder strain and knee impacts with the floor.
  • It is the best exercise equipment for the entire family.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Toby Hull
Tricep Travails Solved

For years I'd hit plateaus on tricep exercises no matter my routine. But adding just a few weighted dips weekly on this sturdy bar transformed my arms entirely within months!

Multifunctional Beast

Most gear limits to a single movement, but this bar handles push ups, dips and more all through its versatile design. On top of the bulging triceps, my whole upper body definition has risen to new levels.

Eric Carter Eric Carter
Home Gym Hero

Not to mention the ab strength improvements too from stabilising. Limitless versatility making the most of small space!

Functional Family Fun

Date night at home turned into a competition - who could do most diamond pushups consecutively? Laughter whilst we're both progressively overloading our triceps to new PBs each week. Stronger family bonds and physiques together is what home is all about!

Toughened Up Trainees

My PT clients were always inconsistent with dips due to poor or swaying form. This sturdy bar now handles full body weight flawlessly at variable widths, perfecting technique whilst simultaneously maximising metabolic stress.