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Articulated Finger Extension - 1Pair Halloween Hand Finger Extensions Cosplay Party Decoration UK

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About Articulated Finger Extension :

Get ready to add our Halloween articulated finger extension to your Halloween décor for a frightening makeover! These spooky and realistic finger props will add a frightening ambiance that will send shivers down your visitors' spines to any haunted home, graveyard scene, or Halloween party.

Features Articulated Finger Extension:

Realistic Design: Our Articulated Finger Extension  are expertly made to mimic skeletal fingers and feature a realistic design. They provide a gruesomely realistic touch to your Halloween decorations because of the genuine details on each finger, which include skeletal joints and withered nails.

Can Be Articulated: These finger props can be posed in a number of eerie and scary ways because they are completely articulated. By positioning the fingers such they emerge from coffins or strange places, you can create a disturbing scene.

Durable: It is durable as High-quality, long-lasting materials are in the construction. You can use it in both indoors and outside. You can use it easily to decorate yourself so scare anyone.

Versatile Decoration: These Articulated Finger Extension offer an additional element of dread to your decorations, whether you're setting up a haunted house, a terrifying graveyard, or a Halloween-themed party. Use them to spook and frighten your visitors as they come upon the unexpected.

Simple Installation: Each finger has a point for attachment. This makes it simple to fasten them to diverse objects like doors, trees, walls, or gravestones. 

Safe and Non-Toxic: We use non-toxic materials to create our item. We make them safe to use around children and animals.

Notable Features:

  • Very convenient to use
  • Appropriate to gift the  item
  • Top Notch and premium quality
  • Long Lasting and reusuable

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You can create a haunted, spooky environment that will leave a lasting impact on your Halloween guests with this item. Whether you're a Halloween fan or a host , these lifelike finger props will elevate your decorations.

Customer Reviews

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I was very anxious if they fit into my hand, but they were well-fitted. I loved it.