Boxing Glove and Pad Set
Boxing Pad Set

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Boxing Glove and Pad Set - Junior Boxing gloves and Punch Pads set Focus Mitts MMA Training Sparring Thai

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About Boxing Glove and Pad Set

Our exclusive Boxing Glove and Pad Set is something, you can introduce young fighters to the sport of boxing. This collection consists of a boxing set designed specifically for young children, aiming to provide them with an enjoyable and secure means to learn and hone their boxing skills.

It offers a perfect combination of equipment to create a dynamic and pleasurable training session, suitable for beginners as well as those looking to improve their techniques.

Boxing Glove and Pad Set

Features of Boxing Glove and Pad Set

  • Punch mitts and padded gloves for safety
  • dependable velcro fastener
  • flexible wristbands
  • obtainable in a variety of sizes to fit all children

Benefits of Boxing Glove and Pad Set

  • The punch mitts and padded gloves shield the hands and wrists from harm.
  • The gloves and mitts stay in place while being used thanks to the reliable velcro closure and adjustable wrist straps.
  • All children can wear the gloves and mitts because they come in a variety of sizes.


The Kids Boxing Gloves and Punch Mitts Set is perfect for kids who are interested in learning boxing or kickboxing. Appropriate for basic fitness training until the level goes up.

Method of Using:

  1. Put on the gloves, and then tighten the wrist straps.
  2. the punch mitts on with a partner.
  3. On the punch mitts, begin honing your punches.
  4. To prevent injury, make sure to use the right form and technique.


Simply hand wash your children's boxing gloves and punch mitts set with mild soap and water to keep them in good condition. Additionally, you might want to air dry them to stop them from shrinking.

Customer Reviews

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Safe and Fun Training for Young Warriors!

This set is not only suitable for boxing but also for various martial arts disciplines, making it versatile and exciting for young fighters. If you want your child to stay active and learn discipline while having fun, this boxing glove and pad set is a fantastic choice!

Empowering Young Fighters!

The junior-sized gloves are designed to fit small hands perfectly, offering excellent protection and support. he punch pads are durable and provide a responsive target for training.

Liam Soares
Great quality boxing gloves

Glove of exceptional quality, and it's wonderful to have padding with them