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MASKURA Smart Weighted Hula Hoop With Counter 27 knots - Weight Loss Hula Hoop, Smart Fitness, Adjustable Ring Size With Counter Suitable For Adult
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MASKURA Smart Weighted Hula Hoop With Counter 27 knots - Weight Loss Hula Hoop, Smart Fitness, Adjustable Ring Size With Counter Suitable For Adult
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MASKURA Smart Weighted Hula Hoop With Counter 27 knots - Weight Loss Hula Hoop, Smart Fitness, Adjustable Ring Size With Counter Suitable For Adult

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Smart Weighted Hula Hoop With Counter 27 knots

Smart Weighted Hula Hoop With Counter 27 knots suitable for adults who need to lose weight or get great abs. Suitable for all skill levels from beginners to professionals. hula hoop can quickly consume body fat and eliminate the need to leave the house or do extensive cardio

Key Features:

  • Never Fall, Hula Hoop
  • Timer Function
  • It fits Your Waist Size
  • Thoughtful Double Safe Lock
  • Advanced Magnetic Therapy
  • Scientific Fitness
  • Flexible Assembly
  • High-quality Material
smart hula hoop uk

    Adjustable Size and Smart Design

    Our hula hoop features a counter which makes it a fun sport as well. With our smart hula hoop exercise won’t feel like workout, and hula hooping will never again be boring!

    High Quality and Safe Materials Smart Weighted Hula Hoop

    It is a practical ab workout equipment to help burn calories, slim your waist, and stay in shape. Our smart hula hoop can be used in a variety of applications, ranging from post-natal recovery, serious advanced fitness training, or getting back into shape, The materials used are safe & prevent the aging of the product.

    The high quality of the product and the safe materials make it usable for adults & kids equally. Kids can’t stay away from this hoop & adults love this smart hula hoop!

    Weighted Detachable and Auto-spinning Gymnastics

    Adjustable-360-degree auto-spinning gymnastics equipment for fitness practice at home. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime for any queries. As the Maskura family, we aim to tag value to your life and we hold our service standard very high.

    Smart weighted hula hoop

        Things to Consider Smart Weighted Hula Hoop

        Never Fall Hula Hoop:

        Features 360-degree rotating and shock-absorbing massage ringed, with the grooves ensuring the ring never falls. Easy enough to use even for beginners compared to traditional hula hoops.

        Timer Function:

        Comes with a timer to calculate the number of times you spin and how long your exercise is.

        Fits Your Waist Size:

        This hula hoop fits perfectly to any waist size from 33 to 54 inches. Detachable knots allow you to expand the hula hoop up to 54 inches. Trim your waistline without torturing your hips, you will never get bruised during workouts.

        Weighted hula hoop

        Thoughtful Double Safety Lock:

        Easy-operated double safe lock design to create sure safety while using the smart hula hoop makes it suitable for any waist size and keeps the smart hula hoop constantly spinning.

        Advanced Magnetic Therapy:

        In line with the concept of advanced magnetic therapy, each linking segment includes a disc. The soft massage heads massage your stomach and abdomen from all angles while you exercise, which doubles the fitness benefits.

        Scientific Fitness:

        The upgraded hula hoop features a hardcore, wise numerical display that accurately records the number of rotations of the hula hoop, the time spent exercising, the number of calories consumed, and other pieces of scientific fitness data.

          weighted hula hoop

          Install Quickly and Let the Fun Begin:

          • Add or remove notches to fit correctly
          • Attach weight to the hula hoop
          • Secure the hula hoop with clips
          • Wear it around the abdomen
          • Move the gravity ball around the belly using the core muscle
          • Follow up with the counter to see the calorie burn

          Specialty of Maskura Smart Hula hoop:

          • Spins Smoothly, Doesn’t need any extra belt or support
          • Sticks around waist effortlessly, doesn’t fall off
          • 27 detachable knots, customise the size as per your need
          • Creates extra pressure on muscles due to it’s flexible knots 
          • Hassle Free, Smart Work Out
          • Smart Weight Ball spins effortlessly
          • 30 minutes of Hula Hooping, burn 600 Calories
          • Smart Way to lose weight
          • Made of top notch premium quality material

          Why Will You Buy Maskura Smart Hoop?

          • Steel and resilient ABS plastic were used to make it.
          • You may alter the size of the hoop to fit your waist thanks to the 27 detachable knots on it.
          • It includes a weighted ball that adds resistance and makes it simpler to spin the hoop.
          • It contains a massage feature that aids in boosting circulation and easing aching muscles.
          • It is simple to assemble and disassemble.
          • It doesn't need any soft foam or foam padding to keep it stuck around the waist. It works fine without any additional belt
          • You can take it anywhere you go because it is small and portable.

          The Benefits of Maskura Smart Weighted Hula Hoop:

          Burns fat: A Smart Weighted Hula Hoop may help you in reaching a 30-minutes workout resulting in a 600-calorie burn. This is to ensure your body has to exert more effort to keep the weighted hoop spinning since it offers more resistance than a standard hula hoop.

          Muscle toning: Hula hooping is an outstanding way to tone your back, obliques, and abdominal muscles. Additionally, it can aid with arm, leg, and gluteal muscle toning.

          Enhances coordination and balance: Hula hula is a terrific exercise for developing your coordination and balance. This is due to the fact that keeping the hoop spinning around your waist requires the use of your core muscles.

          Stress reduction: Hula hooping is an enjoyable and unwinding hobby that can aid in stress reduction. Your mind and body may become more at ease thanks to the hoop's smooth motion.

          Improved Circulation: Circulation can be improved with the help of the Smart Weighted Hula Hoop's massage feature as well and your heart rate also improves. For your general health and well-being, this is significant.

          Smart Tracker: Experience the power of technology as these weighted hoops track your motions and provide real-time feedback thanks to sensors. You can keep tabs on your workout development, track calories burned, and establish personal fitness goals.

           27 knots: It has built-in detachable 27 knots, so that you can use as many knots as you need and also detach them when you lose weight. The knots are round and stick around your waist like padded comfort which do not fall down or slip.


          The Maskura Smart Weighted Hula Hoop is here to revolutionise the way you exercise, whether your goals are to lose weight, tone your core, or simply add some excitement to your workouts. Prepare to reach your fitness objectives in a fun, dynamic, and individualized approach. Take advantage of the Maskura Smart Weighted Hula Hoop today to embrace the future of fitness! So, Hurry Up!! Select the right color & bring one for you and binge-start hula hooping.

            Be Maskura Fit

            Our Happy Hoopers

            30 Minutes Daily Fun Workout

            The smart hula hoop counts your burned calories, tracks how long you work out, and records other vital information.

            Easy Installation Process

            Our Smart Weighted Hula Hoop has a carefully planned design with 27 knots placed in hoop's circumference.

            27 Detachable Knots

            Our Smart Weighted Hula Hoop has a carefully planned design with 27 knots placed in hoop's circumference.

            Customer Reviews

            Based on 318 reviews

            really not easy to hoop for 30 minutes, but if you can do it. Result is there. at first i wasn't very sure but after using for 15 days, my weight chart improved. Started from 5 minutes and upgraded to 15 mins. I am aiming to reach 30 for sure. since I purchased it, i will reach the target.

            I got purple

            received this yesterday. I thought it won't fit my waist as my waist is 52 but i am so glad it fit perfectly. Thanks for the big size. satisfied. highly recommended.


            When I hoop, the sound matches with halloween music. 😂, Its so fun. If you add music and spin. halloween music and this spin sound with create a real atmosphere.

            very nice

            at first i couldn't spin much as my thread was shorter. Then I read all the reviews. I talked to them. They instructed me to make the thread longer. And it worked. I love this. Price is also lucrative.

            this is epic

            I never imagined i will get such great quality at this price. Thanks for the offer price.