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MASKURA Smart Weighted Hula Hoop With Counter 27 knots - Weight Loss Hula Hoop, Smart Fitness, Adjustable Ring Size With Counter Suitable For Adult
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MASKURA Smart Weighted Hula Hoop With Counter 27 knots - Weight Loss Hula Hoop, Smart Fitness, Adjustable Ring Size With Counter Suitable For Adult
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Maskura - Get Trendy, Get Fit

MASKURA Smart Weighted Hula Hoop With Counter 27 knots - Weight Loss Hula Hoop, Smart Fitness, Adjustable Ring Size With Counter Suitable For Adult

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Smart Weighted Hula Hoop With Counter 27 knots

This smart weighted hula hoop with counter 27 knots is ideal for those looking to tone their abs or reduce weight. Appropriate for all ability levels, from novices to experts. Hula hoops can burn body fat fast, removing the need for prolonged aerobics or leaving the house.

Key Features:

  • Never Fall and Have a Timer for Hula Hoop
  • It's creative and fits your waist size.
  • A pair of safe locks
  • Superior Magnetic Therapy Scientific Exercise
  • Adaptable Assembly
  • Superior Quality Substance
    smart hula hoop uk

      Adjustable Size and Smart Design

      Because of the counter on our hula hoop, it's also a fun sport. Exercise won't feel like a workout with our clever hula hoop, and hula hooping will never be bored again! It perfectly fits your waist size.

      High Quality and Safe Materials Smart Weighted Hula Hoop

      • This useful ab training tool will help you reduce fat,  burn calories, and maintain your current body type.
      • You can control adding weight. Our intelligent hula hoop has several uses, such as helping with postpartum recuperation, providing intense, advanced fitness training, or helping people get back into shape.
      • The materials are safe and don't age the product. Massage points of the hoop act like foam padding and help to reduce weight.
      • The device is suitable for both adults and children due to its excellent quality and safe components. Both adults and children are enamored with this clever hula hoop!

      Weighted Detachable and Auto-spinning Gymnastics

      Adjustable 360-degree auto-spinning gymnastics equipment for fitness practice at home. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime for any queries. As the Maskura family, we aim to add value to your life and we hold our service standard very high.

      Smart weighted hula hoop

          Things to Consider Smart Weighted Hula Hoop

          Never Fall Hula Hoop:

          Features 360-degree spinning massaging ring that absorbs shock; the grooves make sure the ring never falls. Compared to traditional hula hoops, these are sufficiently simple to operate, even for beginners. Loss your adding weight.

          Timer Function:

          Includes a timer to help you keep track of how long and how many times you spin during your workout.

          Fits Your Waist Size:

          The 34- to 54-inch waist range is fully accommodated by this hula hoop. The length of the hula hoop may be extended to 54 inches with detachable knots. You can lose weight without putting too much strain on your hips, and working out won't ever leave you injured.

          Weighted hula hoop

          Thoughtful Double Safety Lock:

          The smart hula hoop is ideal for any waist size and has an easy-to-operate double safe lock design that ensures user safety while spinning the device continuously.

          Advanced Magnetic Therapy:

          Each connecting segment has a disc in keeping with the idea of advanced magnetic therapy. When you workout, the gentle massage heads work your stomach and belly from all sides, doubling the benefits to your fitness. Massage points will work like foam padding and press points help to reduce weight.

          Scientific Fitness:

          The updated hula hoop has a rigorous, wise numerical display that precisely logs scientific fitness data such as the number of spins, time spent exercising, calories burned, and also other metrics. It perfectly fits your waist regardless your waist size.

            weighted hula hoop

            Install Quickly and Let the Fun Begin:

            • Add or remove notches to fit correctly
            • Attach weight to the hula hoop
            • Secure the hula hoop with clips
            • Wear it around the abdomen
            • Move the gravity ball around the belly using the core muscle
            • Follow up with the counter to see the calorie burn

            Specialty of Maskura Smart Hula Hoop:

            1. It spins smoothly; no additional belt or support is required.
            2. Holds to the waist with ease and doesn't come off
            3. 27 removable knots allow you to adjust the size to suit your needs.
            4. Puts additional strain on muscles because of its flexible knots
            5. Easy and Concise Workout
            6. Intelligent Weight Ball spins with ease.
            7. Burn 600 calories by hula hooping for 30 minutes.
            8. A Clever Method for Losing Weight
            9. Constructed from superior-grade, high-grade material

              Why Will You Buy Maskura Smart Hoop?

              • It was made of sturdy ABS plastic and steel.
              • With its 27 detachable knots, you may adjust the hoop's size to suit your waist.
              • It comes with a weighted ball that increases resistance and facilitates hoop spinning.
              • It has a massaging function that helps relieve sore muscles and improve circulation.
              • It is easy to put together and take apart.
              • Soft foam or foam padding is not necessary to keep it in place around the waist. It functions properly without an extra belt.
              • Its portability and tiny size allow you to carry it with you wherever you go only at £10.99 with Free Shipping.

              Benefits of Maskura Smart Weighted Hula Hoop:


              Burns fat & Muscle Toning: Using a Smart Weighted Hula Hoop can assist you in achieving a 600-calorie burn in 30 minutes of exercise. This is so that, in comparison to a regular hula hoop, the weighted hoop produces more resistance, requiring your body to work harder to keep it spinning.

              Muscle toning: Hula hooping is a fantastic method for training your stomach, obliques, and back muscles. It can also help tone the gluteal, arm, and leg muscles.

              Enhances coordination and balance: The hula hula is a fantastic workout for improving your balance and coordination. This is because your core muscles must be used in order to maintain the hoop rotating around your waist.

              Stress reduction: One relaxing and fun hobby that might help with stress reduction is hula hooping. The hoop's fluid motion may help you feel more at ease both mentally and physically.

              Improved Circulation:  The Smart Weighted Hula Hoop's massage function not only helps to enhance circulation but also raises heart rate. This is important for your overall health and well-being.

               27 knots: There are 27 detachable knots built right into it, so you may use as many as you need and take them off when you lose weight. The spherical knots cling to your waist, providing padded comfort that won't slip or fall.


              Whether you want to tone your core, lose weight, or just add some excitement to your workouts, the Maskura Smart Weighted Hula Hoop is going to change the way you exercise.

              Get ready to accomplish your fitness goals in a dynamic, personalised, and enjoyable way. Use the Maskura Smart Weighted Hula Hoop now to welcome the fitness of the future! So, Move Quickly! Choose your favourite colour, grab one for yourself, and get your hula hooping on.

                Customer Reviews

                Based on 322 reviews
                Joanne from Bagillt .
                Smart hula

                This smart hula is excellent quality and very cheap .
                I actually ordered a second one because I was impressed with the quality .
                Not to mention the great service from this small business .

                Leah angel
                Works well !!!!

                Love love love this product.. easily assembled. Brilliant weight as it’s Really Weighted!
                I have bought other weighted hoops and they were useless.
                I would absolutely recommend this. So buy it if you want to tone up!

                Very Impressed! Great workout product

                This product is so easy to use and is a perfect way to workout your core from home. I’ve used it every day since it arrived as I find it much more stimulating than my usual workout - using this product has taken my workouts to the next level and I recommend it to anyone who has to workout from home!

                First Class!

                Worth value. Great quality 👌


                really not easy to hoop for 30 minutes, but if you can do it. Result is there. at first i wasn't very sure but after using for 15 days, my weight chart improved. Started from 5 minutes and upgraded to 15 mins. I am aiming to reach 30 for sure. since I purchased it, i will reach the target.