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Womens Over Knee Socks - Ladies Over the Knee Socks Thigh High Socks Made With Tights Fabric

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About Womens Over Knee Socks

These ladies' plain cotton womens over knee socks with an over-the-knee thigh height are the ideal combination of comfort and style. These carefully constructed, premium-quality socks are meant to stand out while keeping you warm and fashionable all day.

Key Features of This Item

Thigh-high Elegance:

Wear our womens over knee socks to make a statement in fashion. The extended shape gives your ensemble a dramatic touch while easily transforming it from casual to elegant.

Womens Over Knee Socks

Exceptional Cotton Lycra Mix:

Savour the opulent texture of our exceptional cotton lycra mix. Breathable cotton and elastic lycra work together to provide a snug, comfortable fit that hugs your legs.

Simple and Adaptable Womens Over Knee Socks:

These socks' simple design makes them easy to match with a variety of ensembles. These socks subtly enhance your style, whether you're dressing up for a night out or adding a distinctive touch to your regular outfit.

Stay-up Comfort:

These womens over knee socks are guaranteed to stay comfortably in place without slipping down thanks to the elasticized cuff. With confidence, move around knowing that your socks will stay in place all day.

Smooth and Seamless Womens Over Knee Socks:

The fit is both seamless and smooth. These socks' painstaking construction reduces discomfort while presenting a polished look that amplifies comfort and style.

Available in a Variety of Colours:

To fit your style, select from a selection of traditional and modern colours. These socks may be used with a variety of looks to always seem stylish and new.

Benefits Of Womens Over Knee Socks

Fashion Forward:

Add a fashion-forward piece to your collection by embracing the newest trend with our Over-The-Knee Thigh-High Socks.

Comfy All-day Wear:

These womens over knee socks are appropriate for all-day wear because of their superior cotton/lycra combination, which guarantees a breathable and comfortable fit.

Style Flexibility:

These thigh-high socks' simple design provides for a wide range of styling possibilities, making them the ideal addition to many ensembles and events.

Stay-put Confidence:

As you go about your day, the elasticized cuff gives you comfort and confidence by holding the socks firmly in place.

Express Your Style with Womens Over Knee Socks:

These eye-catching womens over knee socks come in a variety of colours to let you express your style and improve your appearance.

Add a dash of style and refinement to finish your look. With every stride, these ladies' plain cotton Lycra socks with an over-the-knee thigh-high design will show off your sense of style. These socks are a wardrobe essential that offers the ideal fusion of style and comfort.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Right fit, right texture

I wanted over-the-knee socks in these exact colors so I was happy they were bundled together. These are the perfect thickness and stay up well. Perfect for warming up a short skirt when temps are cooler. I’m 5’6” and they easily reach mid thigh so I do push them down a bit.

Quality good. Dont like the stripes at all.

I like them. They are better quality than a lot of others. I just wish they could sell an all plain black ones without the vertical stripes. Really not a fan of the stripes..

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