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Car Tablet Holder - Universal in Car Back Seat Headrest Holder Mount for Ipad Galaxy Tab Gps Kindle

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About Car Tablet Holder 

Sturdy & Stability:

Compared to other linear structures, the tablet remains more compact and stable thanks to the design triangle's more stable principle. On uneven routes, it can still stay steady without trembling. When taking a lengthy drive, use the car tablet holder to amuse your children or other backseat passengers.

360°Rotation & Easy Installation: Car Tablet Holder 

You may enjoy a stable and expanded retractable field of view with the car tablet holder. Even kids in the backseat can use their chairs' touch screens. With the 360° rotating headrest tablet mount, you can position your iPad for the optimal viewing angle. To effortlessly install this for an iPad automobile mount, push one side of the hook to clasp the headrest rod, and then clamp the other side.

Tablet Holder for Car Headrest

Perfect Road Trip Essentials:

Car tablet holder is the most popular road trip necessities because of their foldable and lightweight components, which make them easier to take when traveling. Perfect for rear-seat passengers to play games, read e-books, and watch movies.

Simple and Easy to Use:

With this straightforward and user-friendly solution, you may use your smartphone anywhere, at any time. Without the need for any additional tools or procedures, it is easy to install and remove from the vehicle seat headrest. Fits a variety of car models, including trucks, SUVs, and sedans. Fits car headrests only if the headrest rods are made of metal.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Easy to fit

Quick and easy to fit. They work perfectly. Great value for money.

Easy to use

it is easy to use, it only takes seconds. You can adjust the angles. I used this for my s22 ultra. Very good product.

Tablet Convenience at its Best!

The adjustable design allows for the perfect viewing angle, and the sturdy mount ensures that my tablet stays in place, even during sudden stops or turns. If you want to make your car rides more enjoyable and productive, this tablet holder is the answer!

Jayden B.
Entertainment on the Go!

The adjustable design allows for a comfortable viewing angle, and the sturdy mount ensures that my tablet stays in place, no matter the road conditions. If you're looking for entertainment on the go, this tablet holder is a must-have!

Works Just Fine

It fits the car headrest beautifully, is quite durable, adjusts easily, holds the tablet firmly, and is incredibly simple to install. I have to turn it upward because of the slight slope it has because of how our seat is configured. It hasn't yet moved out of position. Excellent performance.