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Cardboard Cat Scratchers Uk- Kitten Scratching Board Mat Cardboard Bed

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About Cardboard Cat Scratchers Uk:

“Let Your Furry Friend's Playful Paws Free"

The Cardboard Cat Scratchers Uk created just for your precious kitty is here. This scratching board, which was lovingly and creatively made, is the ideal way to satisfy your kitten's innate curiosity without damaging your furniture.


Features of Cardboard Cat Scratchers Uk:

  • Your Cat Will Love It:

Your cat will appreciate you for giving them one of our 2-pack cat scratch boards.

Your cat will love spending hours scratching our scratch pad because of its mouse-like design, which helps relieve stress, maintain healthy claws, and provide your cat with a little exercise.

scratching board for cats
  • Perfect Quality:

Recycled cardboard and premium non-toxic glue are used in the construction of our cat scratch box set.

Because of its appealing shape and neutral tone, it can easily fit into any type of home decor.

Additionally, it works incredibly well as a cat scratch mat, protecting your furniture from annoying claw marks.

  • Well-Thought Design: 

We have a pretty good idea of what cats like to do, but we truly have no idea what they are thinking about. For this reason, we took care to make sure that your cat can play or laze around on our scratching board.

  • Convenient:

At 375x120x25 mm, this cat scratch pad offers ample room for any cat to recline or scratch at its nails.

Furthermore, even under harsh use, its better cardboard and construction make it endure longer than other scratchers, in contrast to less expensive alternatives.

Give your cat the pleasure of scratching without causing any damage to your furniture. So, Invest in the Pet Scratch Haven for your cat and give it infinite fun.

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Customer Reviews

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Great quality for a fair price. Love the way they come...with a base on every scratcher, which keeps them sturdy and neat! Will def buy again.