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Chest Expander - INHEMING Chest Expander,Upper Body Puller, Adjustable Arm Muscle Exerciser with 5 Strings,Home Gym Fitness Spring Expander Tool

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About This Item :  

Chest Expander, Upper Body Puller, Adjustable Arm Muscle Exerciser, Home Gym Fitness Spring Expander Tool.


Ideal upper body exerciser; works your arm, chest, shoulders, back, and full upper body; also works as a hand exerciser.

High Quality:

Elastic, strong springs that last a long time. Very effective for growing your body, with a high-density non-slip PP handle and steel coil pull-up bar.

chest expander exercises


The 5-spring chest expander has a total length of 64 cm, a stretching length of 150 cm, a static spring dimension of 28 cm, and a breadth of 10 cm.

Full Upper Body Workout Equipment:

Your personal fitness trainer, the Super Push Down Bar, helps you quickly develop a bigger, stronger chest. The Fitness upper body exerciser is not just a simply a chest muscle builder. You can use it to target specific muscle areas to speed up growth, improve definition, and also can boost strength, including the chest, arms, abs, shoulders, and back.

Easily Train Different Muscle Groups:

You don't need doors, rafters, beams, or trees to attach to with resistance bands.  Furthermore, grab your Chest Expander to start working out with a range of focused movements.  In addition, Men and women of all skill levels can use the resistance, which varies from 10 kg to 50 kg.

Build a Better Chest:

  • Use just 10 minutes a day, three to four days a week, for chest training to develop a chiseled chest.
  • For men, it will help you tone your pectorals and develop a bigger, stronger chest;
  • For women, it will help you strengthen your pectorals and subtly lift your breasts.
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The Perfect Spring Workout Device:

They are built with four incredibly strong steel springs. Even the hardest workout sessions won't damage these premium springs. In contrast to the power twister, which needed people to twist the springs, the compressed springs are used in this machine.

Our new design offers a wider range of motion and does so with no chance of rebound or breakage. Together, four springs create a more uniform resistance output, stimulating muscles more effectively.

Portable Chest Expander: 

Our exercise gear is completely portable and  also may be neatly stored in your home or office. Supper body training equipment has a lightweight design that makes moving your portable home gym a snap, so you never have to miss a session.

Features of Chest Expander : 

Bold buckle,

Full tension,

5 high-strength carbon steel springs,

Removable spring,

According to personal needs,

One-piece steel ring, firm and  also safe, lovely and useful.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Michael Herring
Good Value, Works Well

Plastic handles are strong as wood. Springs are pretty solid good combo hand grip and stretch handles.

Josh U.
Super Compact,Super Effective!

I love the simple yet sturdy design of this chest expander. It's so easy to use and store and provides an intense burn in my pecs and arms within minutes.

Great Exercise tool for building up pecs

As someone trying to build up my chest muscles, this has been a real game changer. I can adjust the resistance to suit my fitness level and increase it as I progress.

Must-have for upper body workout

This simple yet effective tool has added some much needed variety to my workout routine. The 5 adjustable resistance bands provide a challenging workout for my chest, arms and shoulders.

I've never used a chest expander like this one

I can state with confidence that the INHEMING Chest Expander is the greatest one yet because I've used a lot of them in the past. All parts of the upper body can be worked out with the five strings and adjustable arm muscle exerciser. Highly advised for anyone wishing to mix up their home workout regimen.