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Compression Wrapping Wrist

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Compression Wrapping Wrist - Wrist Brace Support Adjustable Carpal Tunnel Splint

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Size:Right Hand

About Compression Wrapping Wrist

The support can be worn at any time of day or night and helps to relieve wrist pain, tingling in the fingers, and numbness, allowing for a pain-free night's sleep and all-day comfort. The compression wrapping wrist hand brace support is constructed of breathable, soft, permanent-stretch carbon fiber. They cover around half of the fingers. This product is recommended for use inside Boxing, MMA, or Fitness gloves for increased support and protection. Due to the delicate nature of the fabric, machine washing is not recommended, but it can be rinsed in gently warm soapy water.
Concerning this item

Protect and Stabilise the Wrist:

The ergonomic hand splint gives the damaged wrist the support it requires. Relieve wrist discomfort, a broken wrist, a wrist sprain, a repetitive stress injury, or rheumatoid arthritis while maintaining full wrist and finger movement.

Compression Wrapping Wrist

Perfect Comfort:

The material is lightweight and resilient, with moisture-wicking and sweat-proof characteristics for all-day comfort while working and sleeping. Compression wrist splints help to enhance circulation and promote healing by retaining therapeutic heat. You can effortlessly carry out your everyday tasks with the bracelet.


  1. Promotes hand, palm, and joint mobility to aid in injury healing.
  2. It assists in avoiding the anguish and frustration that can occur from an injured or weak wrist and hand.
  3. Maintains body heat in order to reduce discomfort, warm the joint, and enhance blood circulation.
  4. Wearable and comfortable.
  5. General pain, Strain arthritis, Tendonitis, and Osteoarthritis are all symptoms and indications for using this product.
  6. Provide underpinning and safeguard muscle joints.
  7. Half of the fingers should be covered.
  8. Suitable for any type of support activity
  9. Stretchable for a better fit.
  10. Suitable for either the right or left hand.
  11. Available as a single left or right.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Eric Carter Eric Carter
Perfection for Painting Projects

As an avid art hobbyist, protecting my wrists is crucial. These braces are ideal for long painting sessions.

My New Best Friends

As a ballroom dance instructor, wrist issues were seriously hindering my work. These braces have changed everything - I can teach for hours pain-free!

Five Stars!

These braces are top quality and do the job perfectly. Very comfortable but still immobilize my wrist during healing. Would absolutely recommend for anyone needing wrist support.

Helps Heavy Lifting

For my construction work, taking care of my joints is essential. These braces came highly recommended and I can see why. They stabilize my wrists while hauling materials.

Lifesaver For Arthritis

As someone with rheumatoid arthritis, wrist pain used to rule my life. These braces alleviate it so I can get on with my day ache-free. The breathable fabric doesn't aggravate my sensitive skin.