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Compressor Knee Sleeve
Compressor Knee Sleeve

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Compressor Knee Sleeve - Knee Sleeve Pair Power Lifting Support Brace Protector Weight Lifting

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About Compressor Knee Sleeve

Be Smart. Think Smart. Play Smart. Compressor knee sleeve for Powerlifting Weightlifting Protective patella support brace Sold in pairs. A 5 mm thick Be Smart Knee Sleeves include superior neoprene, reinforced seams, and are specifically made for strength training. The 'Torque' design improves support and performance during intense strength training by dispersing the stress on the seam during deep knee flexion. The Knee Sleeves are designed for deep knee flexion and feature high-grade neoprene, reinforced seams, and our innovative spiral seam structure, which lessens stress on the seam. They are a radically different product from what is currently on the market. Consistent and uniform compression is provided by a comfortable contoured fit. Long-lasting durability with lock stitch seams and stretch nylon trimmed ends long sleeves for the knee and

Strengthen With Support:

Use your excellent ProFitness knee sleeves for weightlifting for men and women to improve your workout! Extra-thick, quality 7mm neoprene sleeves for weightlifting keep muscles warm and stabilize their structure to improve form and lower the risk of damage.

Compressor Knee Sleeve

All Lifts, No Slips:

Avoid compression sleeves for the knees that slide or shift. Thanks to their non-slip, gripping technology, weightlifting knee sleeves stay in place throughout demanding rounds of squats, lunges, and deadlifts.

Comfy Equipment:

With your knee brace placed, comfortably crush it. With soft, flexible material and an ergonomic design that hugs without pinching or riding, your washable compression sleeve pair provides snug support for working out, squats, and powerlifting.

Bag Your Braces:

Take action to achieve your objectives! Your carrying bag fastens both weightlifting knee wraps with a drawstring for a small pack you can toss in your gym bag or store in your wardrobe, complete with a zippered outer pocket for personal things.

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Customer Reviews

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Its excellent...

Following the workout, it will cause you to experience soreness in your abs. This is how I work on my core and balance.

Easy to use

I don’t have any more knee pain when I do squats. This product is really good and I highly recommend it for tall people who have issues with their knees on leg day at the gym