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Cream for Neck Wrinkles
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Neck Wrinkles Cream
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Cream for Wrinkles Neck - V Shaping Massager Electric Slim LIFT Double Chin Removal device neck wrinkles

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Style:Neck Massager

About Cream for Wrinkles Neck

The Cream for Wrinkles Neck will provide you with the most dramatic change in facial look. This ground-breaking beauty tool combines innovative technology with a unique design. To redefine your facial lines and improve the appearance of your skin. It is intended to target difficult areas of double chin and address neck wrinkles.

Features of Cream for Wrinkles Neck

Multiple  Modes: 

There are multiple modes to use which function you personally want to use. The Vibrations stimulate the muscles and encourage the creation of collagen, while the heat relaxes the muscles and increases blood flow.

Cream for Wrinkles Neck


The device targets the neck and chin to give it a proper V Shape. The device is designed to have an effect on the chin and neck, creating the desired V shape.

Neckline Beauty: Cream for Wrinkles Neck

A neck beauty tool that gives you a swan neck and effectively lifts and firms the skin on the neck and face. It also reduces facial wrinkles, fine lines, and necklines.

Multiple Skin Care:

45 °C continuous temperature hot compress with color light rejuvenation, sonic vibration, deep cleaning, nourishing introduction, and positive and negative ions to make your skin smooth and firm.


Dredge meridians, encourage collagen synthesis, speed blood circulation, reduce pore size, and revitalize the skin with four modes and three intensity changes.

Dolphin Bionic Shape:

The dolphin bionic design can reach deep into the skin on the neck and can wrap 160 degrees around the neck.

Double Impact:

To increase the effectiveness of nutrient absorption by the skin, we effectively add positive and negative ions to the nutrients. Using it with neck cream and neck mask doubles the impact.


To achieve the best and ultimate effect, use the device while applying the skincare cream. Through regular use, it directly works on skin tightening. Different modes are provided and should be used according to specific requirements and needs.

Unveil your inner beauty with the Electric V Shaping Massager with Cream for Wrinkles Neck. Explore the possibilities of a firmer, more contoured neck and chin, and bid farewell to the signs of aging that may have affected your confidence. With this innovative beauty tool, elevate your skincare routine and redefine your reflection.


  • 1 English User Manual
  • 1 Neck V Shaper Device
  • 1 USB Cable

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Works great

I use the blue light the most. I feel like I can see some changes. Been using it about 3 weeks now. I think it's beneficial with my exercise and eating routine.

Beauty costs

This product is excellent, easy to use, even watching TV, exercising, etc. I haven't seen final results yet. I have to be more disciplined and use it every day.


How relaxing this massage is. It is very pleasant. I'll have to try longer to see results