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Four Way Massager - 66fit™ Knobble 4 Ways Massage Tool Trigger Point Reflexology Body Massager

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About Four Way Massager:

The clever knobble four way massager is a hand-held instrument made especially to apply deep pressure relief to difficult-to-reach trigger points.

When necessary, you can use our 4-way self-massage tool over clothing or directly on the skin. Use it to achieve a deeper, more intense massage, or use more pressure for a lighter, more tender touch.

Key Features:

  • 4 Headed Tool: This device removes trigger points and deeply ingrained knots on its own. Also, perfect for use on the shoulders, back, and neck. For the lower and upper legs as well,you can use it.
  • Larger and Smaller Buttons: To relieve deep-seated muscle tension, press the larger button to receive a calming massage of the trigger points. The tiny button offers a more focused, thorough massage of the affected area's pressure points to relieve and excite it.
  • Easy to Use:This tool, which is simple to clean with soap and water, can be used with massage oils. Therefore, you can use it as per the need.
  • Pain Relief: By deactivating uncomfortable trigger points, this small and convenient therapy instrument relieves tension and stress in the muscles.
  • Easy to Grip:  This tool is simple for everyone to use, whether for personal or professional purposes, because of its ergonomic design. Holding it and relieving tense muscles is simple.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Saz M
4 way hand held massager

Great Product can use it for massage on different parts of the body, easy to hold and different knobbles so u can use it as you like it.
Simple and looks good too.

Massage tool

Very good and useful at the low price massage tool to relax or remove the pain

Equine therapy

Just the right size for my hand. I use this on working horses and it brings me joy to see the relief and release in my horses.

Durable material

It's very easy and confortable to use. I love it.

Practical Self Massager

Practical self massager, good grip, saving me on expensive physio sessions!