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Full Body Massager Machine - Electric Massager Body Slimming Set Massage Neck Shoulder Arm Back Leg Foot Fat

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Features of Full Body Massager Machine

  1. Relieve Muscular Aches and Pains: The full body massager machine can assist in the relief of symptoms including back pain, muscle weakness, and other symptoms brought on by inactivity, sports, driving, and other factors.
  1. Detachable massage heads effectively stimulate blood flow, which is excellent for pain relief.
  1. Multiple Functions: Four separate massage heads let you select the style of massage you prefer, from light to deep tissue.
  1. Variable Switch: You can switch between a soft vibration mode and a strong vibration mode. Additionally, a net cover is present to prevent hair from getting tangled. ? a small, powerful handheld massager.
  2. When combined with exercise, regular massages of fatty tissue can help reduce extra fat over time. Astonishingly, the motor generates 3000 pulses every minute.
  1. 4 massage settings With Waves Massage Head Acupressure body massage can benefit the entire body. Massage the smooth style's head. Vortex-like vibration action that is good for the neck Massage your head with a ball. Imported essential oils are available for body massages and are suitable for the entire body. Head frosting massage Take care of your feet, remove dead skin, and use a proper massage technique for the heel.

How to Install the Massage Head

  1. Before switching a massage head, unplug the power adapter.
  1. Hold the massager's main body in one hand, and with the other, grab the edge of the net enclosure. Turn your palm inward to unlock.
  1. Locate the two gaps and grab them in order to separate the massage head from the main body.
  1. After choosing the massage head you require, properly install it and aim it.
  1. With one hand holding the massager's main body, the other should screw it up by aiming the mesh enclosure's inner bump into the groove.
  1. Plug the device in and turn it on to get soothing massages.


1 pair of electric massagers for the neck, shoulders, arms, back, legs, and feet.


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Customer Reviews

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I love it. Very good. Firms. It graduates and works really well on my muscles.


Have numerous kinds of 'thumpers' and vibrating knob type massagers and this single oscillating head works much better for my knee and upper leg muscles than any of the other ones. Definitely worth the money!


Love it helping me to reduce my belly fat since 1 day