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Gymnastic Beams for Home - Foldable Gymnastics Balance Beam 7FT Training Beam

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About Gymnastic Beams for Home

Firm Wood Core & High-Grade Suede Cover: 

Our gymnastic beams for home are constructed of durable pine and top-notch EPE foam to guard against foot sinking and ankle damage. You may work out securely on the blue quality flannel surface because it is abrasion-proof and non-slip.

Gymnastic Beams for Home

Foldable Design for Easy Storage & Carrying:

You can easily transport this 7-foot full-size balance beam to your destination because it is perfect for kids or teenagers. When it's not in use, you can fold it up and put it in a closet, nook, or basement, and due to its small size, it won't take up much room.

Rubber Feet Ends & Hinge Design:

The entire balancing beam can stay stable and balanced thanks to the rubber foot ends. Additionally, they can shield the floor from scratches. For user safety, the hinge securely joins two dissimilar beams.

Suitable for Professional & Family Use:

Our 4-inch-wide suede balancing beam can satisfy the specifications for gymnastics competition equipment. Therefore, it can be used by both amateur and expert students to practice handstands, jumps, leaps, and other abilities they have learned in the gym or at home.

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Build Strength & Confidence:

This beam is appropriate for athletes undergoing professional training and beginner gymnasts who want to stroll, play, and practice on a raised balance beam. It not only improves your child's concentration and hand-eye coordination but also their professional abilities.

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Customer Reviews

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Great for my daughter

This one was purchased for my daughter. It has a solid wood core and a high-quality suede cover: To minimize foot sinking and ankle injury, our balance beam is built of strong pine and high-quality EPE foam. The blue superior flannel surface is non-slip and abrasion resistant, allowing you to train safely.

sandy diaz
Soft to the touch yet supportive and foldable

This has been an excellent opportunity for our daughter to hone her gymnastics abilities at home. It may even be folded up and stowed out of sight. The material feels like soft suede or velvet to walk over, and the beam is strong and long-lasting. It's been amazing to watch her improve her skills by practicing on this beam. Her cousins are also in gymnastics courses and frequently request to play on this when they visit.