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Heated Neck Wrap UK - Self Heating Magnetic Neck Support Brace Collar Pain Relief Heat Pad Tourmaline

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About Heated Neck Wrap UK

Provides UK Heated Neck Wrap This neck support has a tourmaline sheet inside of it. something that, when it comes into direct touch with the body, produces heat. It is a naturally occurring material that runs without batteries or energy.

The Magnetic Heated Neck Wrap UK

Offers 'Deep Heat' Pain Relief for Injured Muscles That Works!
Width: 43cm, Height: 9cm

The excruciating neck discomfort is supported and eliminated by the magnetically charged GENERISE neck support. A sheet of tourmaline, which produces heat when it comes into close touch with the body, is contained within this neck support. It is a naturally occurring material that runs without batteries or energy.

Heated Neck Wrap UK

Perfect Combination:

Ceramic self-heating magnets and tourmaline material together provide the best pain alleviation! These two components work as reflectors of body heat, warming the areas of your body they come into touch with. The innocuous heat produced by the neck brace enhances blood circulation and targets strained muscles in your neck, providing effective "deep heat" pain relief that also relieves migraines and headaches.

Easy to Apply:

This novel neck brace, with its three powerful magnets implanted, is incredibly easy to wear and produces heat right away, thoroughly penetrating problematic areas. The gentle, lightweight neck support brace eases tension in the head region, chronic stiffness, muscular spasms, and acute neck discomfort. Sports injuries can recover more quickly with the use of a neck brace during physical therapy.

How to Apply - 

  • To hasten the "hot" effect, wash the heat pad with water roughly 20 minutes before using it.
  • Encircle your neck with the neck brace. Remember that the self-heating side should face the cervical region's back.
  • To get the right amount of comfort, adjust the hook and loop neck support.
  • Fits neck sizes between 30 and 41 cm in circumference Maybe 42 cm if worn tightly; nevertheless, we do not advise wearing it so tight that you are unable to manage it, for obvious reasons. We regret having to say this, but it is the reality of the situation.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Liz coplan
    Great for travel.

    I loved this tiny heating pad for other uses. I did not like it on my neck it’s too wide and I don’t like the feeling when it’s around my neck but it may just be me. However, it was perfect to pack in my carry on for a 10 hour flight and for use in hotels on a 14 day trip. When pulling and carrying luggage my wrist often hurts along with a bad knee I thought it would wrap around my knee nicely and it did. It also wrapped around my wrist very well and felt great on the sore joints. But what I didn’t plan for is my lower back was killing me a short time into the flight. I plugged it into the USB port at my seat and tucked it into the waist of my pants and it heated right were I needed it. It’s tiny, easy to pack and heats pretty well and for the price it was great. I was very pleased I had it on my trip. I highly recommend.