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Heating Eyelash Curler - Long Lashes Makeup Curl Electric Lash

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About Heating Eyelash Curler

Quick Natural Curling:

The heating eyelash curler quickly heats up in less than 30 seconds, and the curved curler head perfectly fits the eyelashes to instantly produce beautiful, natural-looking curled eyelashes.

Suitable for Beginners:

used a silicone chuck and hot ironing technology with a steady temperature setting so as to avoid damaging the eyelashes. The procedure is straightforward, and anyone may easily curl eyelashes.

Heating Eyelash Curler

Professional & Portable:

The sensitive silicone pad on the heated eyelash curler protects eyelids and skin from heat injury, making it safer and simpler to use. The eyelashes will fit more snugly thanks to the ergonomic curvature. The portable heated eyelash curler is fashionable and small enough to easily fit into your handbag, purse, or even makeup bag. The ideal makeup kit for family and friends is this one.

Safe & No-pain:

The quick heating wire used in this eyelash curler kit matches the heating silicone pad to curl your eyelashes all the way down. Your eyelashes will spread and open as a result of using these heated eyelash curlers. While heated eyelash curlers gently heat the entire length of each individual eyelash, the heat pads quickly relax and curl the eyelashes. When fully heated, the red top pads of the heated eyelash curler will turn translucent.

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Jey prakash
Curls my lashes

I love this heat eyelash curler! Works great