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Metal Measurement Tape - 5m & 8m Tylon Blade Tape Measures Steel Measuring Tape

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About Metal Measurement Tape

The Metal Measurement Tape consists of two tape measures with different lengths: one measuring 5 meters (16 feet) and another measuring 8 meters (26 feet). 

Key Features Of Metal Measurement Tape

Tylon Blade: 

The Metal Measurement Tape are equipped with a Tylon-coated blade. Tylon is a patented material that enhances the durability and lifespan of the blade. It provides a protective layer that resists wear and tear, such as abrasion and corrosion, for long-lasting performance.

Measure Tape

Metric and Imperial Measurements:

The tape measures feature metric and imperial measurements, allowing you to take measurements in either system. The metric side typically provides centimetres and meters, while the imperial side shows measurements in inches and feet. This versatility allows for convenient use in various applications and projects.

Easy-to-Read Markings:

 The tape measures have clear and easy-to-read markings on the blade, ensuring accurate measurements. The markings are typically display in a large font or bold print for improved visibility, even in low-light conditions.

Locking Mechanism Metal Measurement Tape:

These tape measures have a locking mechanism that securely holds the blade in place once extended. This feature lets you lock the tape measure at a desired length, ensuring accurate and consistent measurements without manually holding the knife.

Belt Clip:

A belt clip is usually included on the back of each tape measure. This clip allows for convenient storage and easy access while working. Attaching the tape measure to a belt or pocket can be readily available whenever needed.

Ergonomic Design: 

The Metal Measurement Tape are typically designed with ergonomic considerations to provide comfort and ease of use. They often feature a sturdy and comfortable grip, making them suitable for extended use during various projects.

Features -

  • Corrosion-resistant long-life nylon-coated blade.
  • Bi-material case for improved grip.
  • Positive blade lock for accurate measurements.
  • Class II accuracy.
  • Blade lock button.

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