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Muffler for Hands - USB Electric Hand Warmer Pouch Winter Hands Heater Bag Velvet Heating Hand Muffs

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About Muffler for Hands

Muffler For Hands is a practical and portable device to keep your hands warm during the cold winter months. This innovative hand warmer features a velvet material pouch that provides a soft and comfortable feel while effectively retaining heat.

Features of Muffler for Hands

USB Heated Hand Warmer Bag:

Our USB heating pad has a safe heating temperature of 50℃~60℃ (122℉~140℉), continuous enough to maintain a constant temperature.

Muffler for Hands

Provides Heat Muffler for Hands:

Due to the low USB power, this muffler for hands heats up slowly and requires several minutes of patience before the temperature slowly rises.

Included Extension USB Cable:

Built-in USB cable and storage bag, easy-to-use power adapter (sold separately) or power bank (sold separately). No need to worry about power outages, and connect to a power source. Power it from your computer, socket, car, or nearby plug with a USB port.

Easy to Use: Muffler for Hands

Unzip the hand warmer and connect it directly to your power bank or a power outlet using the USB extension cable. When you close the zipper, it becomes cold-weather gloves or a  pillow. Unzip it and connect it to a USB power source to use it as a heating glove.

Comfortable Hand Warmer:

The USB muffler for hands is made of soft flannel and filled with lightweight polyester filler, has a soft furry interior that gives your hands extra comfort, and a thick plush cover that prevents heat loss. Keep your hands warm at all times.

A Nice Warm Gift:

a USB hand warmer with constant temperature and heat. A perfect Christmas/New Year/Birthday gift for your parents, grandparents, lover, friends, and yourself. Perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and watching sports at the stadium light and portable, easy to carry and use outdoors.

In summary, a muffler for hands is a versatile and easy-to-use solution for keeping your hands warm in winter. Featuring USB-powered heating technology, adjustable settings, and comfortable velvet material, it offers a practical and efficient way to stay comfortable in cold temperatures.

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Customer Reviews

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Susan Abler
Great hot water bottle!

High-quality materials were employed. The covers are lovely and supple. Although it was easily fixed by adding a popper fastener or by not fidgeting as much as my daughter, the electric bottle itself can grow hot enough to burn. It also tended to slip out of the cover while she was sleeping. warmed up quickly. Excellent for period discomfort or muscle aches. Would suggest