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Music Boxing Machine UK - Wall Mounted Music Punching Machine Bluetooth Smart Music Boxing Workout Machine Indoor React Exercise Machine

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About Music Boxing Machine UK

Exercise equipment for boxing wall mounted music boxing machine UK LED boxing glove with 2500mah rechargeable battery and Bluetooth compatibility for kids and adults to exercise boxing and agility reaction

Key Features Of Music Boxing Machine UK


This music boxing machine is big enough to let you easily strike your target and is constructed of high-quality polyurethane material that can resist hits of up to 200 kg/450 lbs. 

Music Boxing Machine

Easy to Install: Music Boxing Machine

The music rhythm wall target is suitable for both adult and child use for at-home boxing training because it is simple to install and has height adjustment.

Bluetooth-Compatible Connectivity:

You are free to listen to your favourite music.

Improved Athletic Performance:

This boxing exercise equipment aims to enhance your fighting skills, cognitive decision-making ability, and physical conditioning. These intense workouts will improve your agility, power, strength and stamina, attacking skills, and response speed. 

Versatile Applications:

This music boxing machine is ideal for competition, shape, boxing, and fitness. You can make regular exercise a habit by using this punching bag.

Features -

  • Revolutionary Training

  • Family-Friendly

  • Serious Workouts

  • Dynamic Rhythms

  • Durable Construction

  • Customizable Training

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