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Pilates Ball UK - Gym Exercise Ball Yoga Ball for Adults Fitness Pilates Sitting Ball

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About Pilates Ball UK

Self-standing Ergonomic Design:

This Pilates Ball UK is an ergonomic alternative to a sitting or standing desk thanks to its innovative self-standing base design, which also makes it the ideal fit ball and chair combination.

Pilates Ball UK

Easy and Convenient:

This seated workout ball also contains a cotton cover with a specific zipper making it slip-resistant and anti-burst. This gym yoga ball also includes a discreet carry handle which makes it easy to transport.

Multi-functional Pilates Ball UK

The sturdy seating surface of this large gym ball allows you to maintain your equilibrium while sitting on it. The bouncy surface gives anxiety and hyperactivity a place to escape.

Machine-washable Pilates Ball UK

Unlike other gym balls, you can wash this medicine balll in the washing machine - 

  1. Just unzip the cover.
  2. Remove the ball.
  3. Wash it in cold water.
  4. Hang it out to dry.

DO NOT use a dryer. Even cleaner at this point.

Assembly Instructions:

Use the provided bowler or a similar tool to inflate the inner ball until the outer ball is fully inflated. If you need help assembling this exercise ball, medicine ball or fitness ball, please get in touch. Its package doesn't include any single-use plastic.

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Customer Reviews

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It really works

I had no idea a "ball" might aid with inner and outer muscle stretching and strength. I use it on a daily basis. The therapist has given his approval. It comes highly recommended by me.