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Plyo Boxes UK - Soft 3 in 1 Plyometric Squat Jump Box 50x60x75cm

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About Plyo Boxes Uk

Injury Prevention Soft Foam Boxes:

The plyo boxes Uk is made of high-density foam with a PVC coating to absorb high-impact shock and minimize harm from mistimed jumps.

Plyo Boxes UK

Improves Speed, Power, Agility, and Aerobatic Ability:

Bodyweight plyometric workouts are an essential component of any functional strength training plan designed to support high-impact sports and avoid injury.

Three Sizes Are Available:

Each plyometric jump squat box is constructed as a cube with three different height levels. The boxes come in three sizes: small, medium, and large, with three height options.

Plyo Boxes UK

Installation is Not Required:

The plyobox is ready to use right away for plyometric jumping and aerobic activities.

Suitable for Use at Home or in a Commercial Gym

The jump boxes are built to withstand strong repetitive jump and step activities, making them ideal for aerobic stepper workouts and explosive HIIT plyometrics.

With Body Revolution's Gym and Exercise Equipment, You Can Train Anywhere

We understand that coming to the gym might result in missed time, which in today's environment translates to lost chances. As a result, we concentrate on creating and manufacturing gym-grade, performance-enhancing strength training, and fitness equipment that can be used in a variety of settings for more diverse fitness and exercise options.

High-quality Construction is at the Heart of Our Design Processes

We believe in providing high-quality, long-lasting items that will help you achieve your fitness goals—and then some. Our products are made of heavy-duty materials that are perfect for repetitive, high-velocity use, giving you the confidence to go above and beyond with every workout.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Legacy Legends Born!

These platforms have birthed legends where wheelbarrow waifs once stood! Pylo circuits alternating intense box routines like broad jumps and lateral hops maximize lower body badassery.

Lower Body Obliteration!

These boxes have obliterated previous lower body limitations and propelled me beyond what I ever deemed possible.

Glute Goddess Glory Unlocked!

These plyo platforms have illuminated the secrets to uncover my dream derriere! Various box routines like high knees and lateral hops continuously overload glutes in new planes of motion.

Leg Day Level Up!

These plyo boxes have transformed weakling wobblers into jacked jumping monsters! Exercises like box jumps and step-ups rapidly overload quads and hammies in an entirely new dimension.