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Straw Hat Womens - Summer Big Wide Brim Straw Hat Beach Sun Foldable Cap for Women

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A straw hat womens is a broad-brimmed hat made of straw or synthetic materials that resemble straw. In addition to serving as a kind of sun protection for the head and face, straw hats are often employed as a decorative element in clothing.

What's the Straw hat womens?

The crown and the brim are the two primary components of a cap. The brim of the cap, which protrudes and shields your face from the sun, covers your face, while the crown covers your head.

Straw Hat Womens

About Straw hat womens

Quick-drying quality fabric
The sun hat is made of quick-drying breathable fabric, which is comfortable and soft, bringing customers a more comfortable and cooler experience. The cap is light and thin in texture.

Windproof strap
The Sun UV Protection Hat has a windproof strap that prevents it from being easily blown away by the wind. Additionally, the hat incorporates a locking buckle that makes adjusting and repairing it simple.

Made with
It is made up of polyester

Fastening:  Foldable, Buckle, Ribbon

It is adjustable with your head easily.

Convenient to carry

Female casual sun hats are lighter (3.14 ounces), making them easy to fold and carry. You can save a lot of space by rolling it up and placing it in their bags or suitcases. And its shape is simple to restore.


Its using benefits include sun protection, insect repellent, water resistance, and eco-friendly qualities.

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