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Weight Plates Holder - GM1 Fractional Olympic Weight Change Plate Storage Pole Peg 2" 50mm Power Rack

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About Weight Plates Holder

The Fractional Olympic Weight Plates Holder Pole Peg is a component designed for use with a 2" (50mm) power rack. It is specifically designed to provide storage for fractional weight plates used in Olympic weightlifting.

Weight Plates Holder

Function of Weight Plates Holder:

The primary function of this Weight Plates Holder is to provide a dedicated and convenient location for storing fractional weight plates. It helps keep the plates organized and easily accessible during workouts, allowing for quick weight adjustments.


The storage pole peg is designed to fit power racks with a 2" (50mm) diameter. It is important to ensure that your power rack has the appropriate dimensions to accommodate this storage peg.


The peg is typically made of durable materials such as steel or metal alloy to withstand the weight of the fractional plates and provide long-lasting durability.


The storage pole peg is often cylindrical in shape, with a length that can vary depending on the specific product. It may have a smooth or textured surface to prevent the plates from slipping off.

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Installation of Weight Plates Holder:

The storage pole peg is usually designed to be easily attached to the power rack. It may come with mounting hardware or brackets that allow for secure installation.

Customer Reviews

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Very Impressed

These are easy to use, feel good, and look good. When doing some workouts where you just want to go up a little, it really helps. Although these cost more than most of the plates I own, I'm glad I bought them because I knew I would use them frequently. I wish I had this kind of quality in all of my plates, but not every home gym can afford this!