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Yoga Swings UK - Aerial Silks Yoga Swing Kit 10M Long Yoga Hammock For Aerial Flying Dance
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Yoga Swings UK - Aerial Silks Yoga Swing Kit 10M Long Yoga Hammock For Aerial Flying Dance

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About Yoga Swings UK 

The aerial Silks Yoga Swings UK kit is a set designed for aerial yoga and flying dance enthusiasts.

Key Features Of Yoga Swings UK 

A Complete Kit:

Everything you require to execute aerial dances outdoors, in a studio, or at home will be provided - 

  • 10m/33ft Polyester silk
  • 2 Carabiners
  • 1 Universal ring
  • 1 Figure
  • 8 Descenders
  • 1 Daisy chain
  • 1 Ceiling hook
  •  4 Screws.

are included with your aerial yoga Swings UK.  Kindly purchase an additional ceiling hook or use your existing one if you wish to use the yoga swing or hammock.

Yoga Swings UK

Soft and Durable Fabric Yoga Swings UK:

Measuring 10 m / 33 ft long and 2.8 m / 9.2 ft wide, the elegantly colored aerial silk fabric is composed of 100% polyester and is silky, slippery, and easy to grip. Strong, long-lasting acrobatic silks are appropriate for both novice climbers and seasoned drop practitioners.

Climbing-grade Hardware:

Both the Magaluma descender with 50KN and the alloy steel screw-lock carabiners with a 25KN loading grade are reliable and sturdy. Because the Aviation Magaluma swivel 30KN prevents the silk from twisting on itself, you can enjoy the freedom of endlessly smooth spins.

For a concrete construction, one steel ceiling hook and four screws are sufficient. The aerial silk yoga Swings UK can be fastened around a sturdy branch using the daisy chain.

Easy to Set up & Carry: 

You can establish the aerial dancing setup at one spot thanks to excellent gear. Fit for ceilings up to 3.5 meters (11.5 feet) in height. Installs easily on any exposed pipe, beam, aerial rig, tree branch, or beam. Simple to assemble both inside and outside. For practice or performance, you can transport it anywhere with a lovely drawstring bag.

Wide Application:

For users of any skill level who wish to fly at home or in a studio, the aerial silk kit is ideal. Yoga postures, core strength, flexibility, and balance can all be enhanced with the Ariel Silks equipment set. If you have an extra ceiling hook and nails, this aerial set can also be used for aerial yoga hammocks or antigravity yoga hammocks.

Specialties of Yoga Swings UK:

It is noteworthy that to guarantee safety, yoga Swings UK and aerial dance requires appropriate training and supervision. It is recommended that novices seek instruction from certified instructors to acquire the necessary skills and operate the equipment properly.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Delighted with my purchase

The hammock is great, soft fabric just right. It looks pretty sturdy.
The length is perfect despite the comments that made me hesitant to buy.

Strong and beautiful

A nice durable and smooth fabric. The package is complete with everything for proper assembly.

I love them, they are amazing!

This is totally a must buy! These are amazing quality. I use them every day!

Seems to be good quality

This is decent quality for the money! It appears to be holding up nicely and the grandchildren like playing with it!