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Anti Snore Bracelet - Electronic Anti Snoring Wristband Snore Stopper Watch Device Sleeping Aid

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About Anti Snore Bracelet

The terrible snoring that has been disturbing your bedroom for years needs to stop! When it detects snoring, our Anti Snore Bracelet introduces a micropulse to the area around your wrist, improving both your and your partner's quality of sleep.

This little pulse has the same effect as a gentle prod to gently urge your body to change positions while you sleep, which helps you stop snoring! Simple to use, fits snuggly, and frees you from having a ridiculous device resting over your head as you sleep!

how to stop snoring naturally

Key Features Of Anti Snore Bracelet

Safely Helps Reduce Snoring Volume and Frequency:

Improve your quality of sleep and educate yourself on how to safely reduce snoring. When our snoring watch detects snoring, it creates a micropulse that stimulates the area around your wrist, much like a gentle prod.

anti snore

Quiet Anti Snoring Bracelet:

You will be able to sleep through the night like a newborn and not have any buzzing noises wake you up! This anti-snore gadget monitors the volume of your snore and then pulses a little to gently remind you to stop. 

Adjustable Pulse Settings:

To find out which configuration works best for you, merely turn the adjust wheel located at the device's bottom, press the test button located on the front face, and set a pulse level. Before you go to bed, try out various settings to find which one works the best!

Easy to Use:

With just a few button presses, you can set up your anti-snoring bracelet. One screw opens the battery compartment, which takes one AAA battery (not included). All you need to do is place the electrode gel pads on the wrist-side contact points. Simple setups are not necessary because it has an on/off switch, a pulse level wheel, and a dedicated test button! 

Comfortable Fit:

With the adjustable wrist strap that comes with our snore-stopper, you can wear it comfortably and securely around your wrists like a regular watch! We can confidently state that our selection of snore aids is the most stylish and secure on the market!

Notable Features -

  • Lessen snoring's frequency and loudness
  • Decrease the frequency of transient respiratory disorders
  • Increase the breathing organ's tension
  • Significantly improve the quality of the patient's sleep (the effectiveness is over 90%).
  • Auto-switching off after eight hours
  • Uses a biosensor that was cleverly engineered to detect snores.
  • Decreases the volume and frequency of snoring without interfering with restful sleep.
  • Automatic shutoff after eight hours
  • The mode of moxibustion and acupuncture therapy
  • Technologies for bionic detection
  • Physical treatment using infrared
  • Snoring Reduction Using Infrared Intelligent Process

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