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Car Steering Lock - Universal Heavy Duty Anti Theft Steering Wheel Lock Rotary Security Safe Van Car

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About Car Steering Lock:

Use our Car Steering Lock to keep your car safe from theft. With its sophisticated locking mechanisms and sturdy construction, this steering lock offers your automobile, truck, or SUV unmatched security. However,  it suits the majority of steering wheels. It also provides piece of mind wherever you park, and acts as a strong deterrent against unauthorised access.


  • Compact & Portable
  • Travel Friendly
  • Premium Material
  • Suitable for all sorts of cars

Features of This Item:

Secure Lock: To guarantee security, the car steering lock has an accurate cylinder heavy duty locking mechanism. robs people via keyless entry.

Car Steering Lock

Durable: The body of the rockwood steering car steering lock is sturdy and strong for weather resistance. Furthermore, Unmatched cut resistance and solidified steel make it difficult to remove.

Quality: We have used Premium grade heavy-duty materials in the construction of the RocwooD steering wheel lock to provide maximum strength and durability for extended use.

Easy To Use:  Utilizing the steering lock is simple. Installing it takes about five seconds. It is possible to mount it behind the steering wheel to prevent it from covering the airbag.

Universal Fit: Steering wheels with a thickness of no more than 35 mm is fit for the cars.

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Customer Reviews

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I had a similar one of these a long time ago, but it was entirely made of metal - this item is fine because the most of it is metal, including the lock itself. Unfortunately, the casing for the lock element of this product is made of plastic... it does not provide me with the same level of security as the all metal one created (but no longer available) by the prior producer. Aside from that, it is unquestionably a theft deterrent.