Collapsible Water Bottle Silicone

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Collapsible Water Bottle Silicone - 600ml Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle

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About Collapsible Water Bottle Silicone

This 600ml Collapsible Water Bottle Silicone is an Ultralight Roll-Up Water Bottle for Gym, Outdoor Travel, Hiking, Camping, a Leakproof Folding Water Bottle, and a BPA-Free Silicone Sports Water Bottle.

Collapsible Water Bottle Silicone

Excellent quality:

The collapsible water bottle is made of high-quality food-grade silicone that is BPA-free and non-toxic, making it safe and healthy.


The foldable silicone water bottle has a plastic collapsible spout that can be shut by pressing down to keep dirt and other unclean objects from entering the bottle or sticking to the spout, making it more clean and sanitary. To drink, simply press up and open the bottle.

Easy to Carry:

The cap of this foldable water bottle is engineered to prevent leaking, ensuring that the water bottle does not leak under any circumstances. The bottle cap has a transportable pull ring that may be used to attach a portable rope for easy hanging or to use by hand.

Roll-up Layout:

With a capacity of 600 ml and an appropriate temperature range of -60 ° to +240 °, the silicone sports water bottle is light and sturdy. The roll-up design decreases the capacity of the water bottle, takes up less room, and is easy to transport and use outdoors.

Frequently used:

The silicone-folded water bottle has a delicate appearance and is simple to clean, making it appropriate for both men and women. It is appropriate for a variety of settings, including the interior office, fitness, sports, outdoor travel, hiking, camping, cycling, running, and so on. It is an excellent outdoor necessity.

Features - 

  • The Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle has a unique, small, and versatile design that is ideal for camping, trekking, sports, and other outdoor activities.
  • Keeps you hydrated while decreasing storage weight.
  • Folding to only 1/3 of its original size, the Foldable Silicone Water Bottle is convenient to stow in rucksacks or luggage and holds up to 600 ml of water, juice, or beverage.
  • Offered in three different colors: black, navy, and dark green.
  • Each bottle measures 6.5 x 27 cm.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Very useful to have when travelling. Perfect for fitting into the hand luggage at the airport. Not as horrible as other reviews have claimed. As instructed, I filled it with cold tea, and it worked just well. carries a significant volume of liquid.

Perfect size

The bottle is the ideal size. neatly and compactly folds. It smelled when it first came, but after a few washes, it was gone. utilized for a three-week vacation to Europe; my spouse wishes he had one as well! Easy to drink from and leak-proof.