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Core Training Kit - 5pc Core Training Kit Ab Roller Push Up Skipping Rope Fitness Hand Grip Exercise

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About Core Training Kit

Abdominal core training kit – your perfect tool for sculpting and strengthening the core muscles! A top-notch exercise tool created to properly target and tone your abdominal muscles. This roller set is the ideal addition to any exercise regimen. Whether you're a fitness fanatic or a novice trying to strengthen your core.

A top-notch exercise tool created to properly target and tone your abdominal muscles is the Abdominal Exercise Roller Set. This roller set is the ideal addition to any exercise regimen, whoever is trying to strengthen their core muscles.

Core Training Kit

Dual-wheel Compact Design Core Training Kit

This core training kit set of ab rollers has a dual-wheel design, which improves stability and balance when exercising, in contrast to regular ab rollers. All levels of fitness can utilize it because of the equally distributed weight and improved control provided by the two wheels.

 Full-Body Workout: 

This Abdominal Exercise Roller Set offers the ideal selection of tools required for a full-body workout. Ideal for enhancing flexibility, endurance, muscle tone, and upper body growth.

It helps to build and tone the back, shoulders, arms, and chest muscles.  This roller set can work the shoulders, arms, and back in addition to the core, which is its primary focus. You can experience a full-body workout by maintaining proper form.

Rotating Push-up Grips:

The best upper body workout - The rotating feature enables you to engage more muscles. With a set of rotating push-up grips, an abdominal roller wheel with knee pads and comfortable foam handle grips, and a speed skipping rope for functional, combined training.

Core Muscles Strengthen Core Training Kit:

The rectus abdominal, transverse abdominal, and obliques are just a few of the core muscles that the Abdominal Exercise Roller Set expressly targets. Regular use can result in increased stability, core strength, and posture.

 Features of Core Training Kit

  • The shape of the handle is ergonomic to increase comfort and lessen wrist strain.
  • Abdominal Roller Wheel with Knee Pad - Non-slip Base, Max User Weight, 100kg Diameter: approximately 20cm.
  • Improve ab definition - Comfortable thick foam grip handles. A thick foam knee pad and dual wheel glide system for increased comfort.
  • The knee pad's dimensions are 37.5 (L) x 17 (W) x 1.5 (H) cm, while the roller's dimensions are 25 (W) x 18 (H) cm. Speed Skipping Rope approx.
  • Formulated to increase exercise stamina and burn fat Lightweight and simple-to-hold handles 3-meter length

Package Contents:

-1 Abdominal Exercise Roller Set

-1 Mat for Knee: A soft foam knee mat is included that provides additional comfort and support to your knees during workouts.

Note: To avoid injuries, exercises must be carried out properly. To ensure safe and efficient usage of the Abdominal Exercise Roller Set, always seek advice from a fitness expert or adhere to the specified instructions.

With the abdominal exercise core training kit set, unleash the potential of a powerful core! Start today on the path to better and healthier living!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Physio Revered Rehab

Post back strain had me fearful of inflammation a return to exercise may cause. But physio approved tailored circuits with these versatile tools allowed me to rebuild important core strength safely from home.

Travel Tight Physique

Juggling clients globally made routine consistency impossible. But packing this kit allowed me to blast muscles abroad regardless of hotel gym setup.

Family Fitness Fun

Getting kids excited for cardio and core used to feel hopeless. This kit changed everything - beat dad at arm crosses in a minute? Who can do most leg raises consecutively before collapsing in laughter?

Home Gym HQ

With space tight, my only gym was this kit. But training my entire core, back and arms with short focused circuits throughout each week has left even my personal trainer gobsmacked by my ever evolving definition.

Complete Midsection Makeover

While abs have always been a strength, inconsistencies kept me plateaued for years. This kit though delivers major results rotating through all pieces twice weekly in just 30 mins!