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Ear Cleaning Machines - Wi -Fi visible wax elimination spoon

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About Ear Cleaning Machines

You can use this wifi horoscope ear cleaning machines on your Android, iPhone, or iPad thanks to its all-in-one design. additional USB adaptor. Use the insert! You can clean an ear spoon lens. Alcohol washing has better results than USB interface washing, which is not possible.

Ear Cleaning Machines

Safety Material:

PVC material that is food grade, non-toxic, and safe is more dependable to utilize. Clean ears, pleasant grip, non-slip look, matte non-slip substance. The ear canal is very evident if there is a problem.


The ear canal, eardrum, mouth, gums, throat, nasal cavity, scalp hair roots, and other bodily parts can all be examined. Longer, thinner, and more convenient to use our ear spoons. A fantastic tool for your pets as well as being terrific for your hearing.

Ip 67 Waterproof & Anti-scalded Chip Design

The camera head complies with the IP67 waterproof standard, necessitating the use of isopropyl alcohol for cleaning. Reminder: The USB interface is not water-resistant.

Safe to Use:

You can use the camera without being concerned about heat problems because the camera chip is remote from the camera.

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Customer Reviews

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Veronica Ruiz
Nice Idea

I bought this to help my family maintain clean ears. I can simply maneuver the tool around the targeted ear and it's comfortable to grasp. To help me remove wax and prevent damage to the ear, I use the image and camera as a reference while operating on an ear. Getting my spouse to work on my ears is my next task. Although he is quite coordinated, I usually feel a little uneasy when someone is doing work on my ears.