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Fold Up Gym Mat - 2" Thick Mat Gymnastic Training Workout Non Slip Yoga Gym

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About Fold Up Gym Mat

MaxStrength fold fold up gym mat are classic yoga mat for floor training that has amazing characteristics like stitched-in handles and a PU leather non-slip cover that makes it easier to do a variety of physical activities like gymnastics, yoga, dancing, light stretching, wrestling, martial arts, and general exercise.

Satisfaction at Its Peak:

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Fold Up Gym Mat

Max Strength Tri Folding Exercise Mat:

Great for Workouts, Camping, and Gymnastics

Full Body Length:

(2 feet broad by 6 feet long) 1.5" thick foam provides maximum comfort and safety.

Easy to Transport:

The outer layer is made of PVC, which is easily washed and guaranteed to last. Thick Nylon Handles for Convenient Carrying

Some of the Amazing Benefits of Tri-folding Mats:


  1.  A folding workout mat of high quality and durability
  2.  It can be folded into quarters for simple transportation and storage.
  3. Yoga mats are made of PU fabric and high-quality EPE foam.
  4. The adhesive on two edges connects many yoga mats end to end.
  5. Developed for usage in schools, clubs, camping, training, and the home.


Mat Dimensions:

  1. 6 feet long by 2 feet broad by 5cm thick high-density foam
  2. This foam floor mat folds to a third of its original size and has a sewn-in handle for simple storage and transport, making it an ideal traveling workout equipment mat.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I bought this to use at home for pilates routines. Very good. Simple to store

Very good slightly thicker mat

When compared to typical yoga mats, this one is a little thicker. This is more comfortable for me, especially while I'm kneeling.