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Gel Metatarsal Pad - 2x Foot Cushion Metatarsal Foot Pads Mortons Neuroma Pain Relief UK

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About Gel Metatarsal Pad:

Introducing our foot cushion gel metatarsal pad – a set of two soft and supportive cushions designed to provide targeted relief for those dealing with Morton's Neuroma and metatarsal pain. These foot pads offer a comfortable solution, allowing you to go about your day with reduced discomfort and increased support.

Key Features:

Neuroma Relief from Morton:

Our foot cushion gel metatarsal pad is made especially to relieve the pain caused by Morton's Neuroma.  Furthermore, by acting as a barrier of defense, the cushioning relieves pressure on the injured area and helps with pain management.

Metatarsal Pads Uk

Metatarsal Support Gel Metatarsal Pad:

However, use these foot pads to relieve pain in the metatarsal area. These cushions provide tailored support to relieve pain from standing for extended periods, walking, or other activities.

Comfortable and Soft Material:

These gel metatarsal pad is made of soft, premium materials that feel luxurious on your skin. By lessening the impact on delicate parts of the foot, the cushioning helps transfer weight more evenly throughout the foot.

Non-slip Design:

To guarantee that the foot pads stay firmly in place inside your shoes, they have a non-slip design. Savor the cushions' benefits without having to worry about having to readjust them frequently while going about your everyday business.

Adaptable Usage:

These foot pads fit well into trainers, dress shoes, and other forms of footwear. Therefore, you can wear them comfortably in your daily shoes. Relieve yourself without compromising your fashion sense.

Machine and Reusable Gel Metatarsal Pad:

Our reusable metatarsal gel metatarsal pad offers long-term comfort and reasonably priced relief. In addition,  to ensure they continue to work, wash them with a little soap and water to keep them clean.

Value-added Double Pack:

Two-foot pads are included with every order, so you can use them in several pairs of shoes or keep an extra on hand. Take constant comfort with you wherever you go.

Method of Using:

Make sure your feet are dry and clean.

  • Inside your shoes, put the Foot Cushion Metatarsal Foot Pads as desired.
  • Modify for ease of use.
  • To relieve pain, break in your shoes as needed.

With the help of our foot cushion gel metatarsal pad, get the relief you deserve. These cushions offer tailored support for enhanced comfort, whether you're suffering from Morton's Neuroma or general metatarsal pain. Get your set now and stroll with comfort!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
They work.

Comfortable for a few hours,but toe strap too tight and rubs.


These Ball of Foot Gel Cushions are very comfortable and are virtually invisible from the top of the foot.

Comfortable foot pad

I use the foot pad to relieve pain from Moretons Neumona when exercising or driving.

Comfortable and works for me! Could be a fraction thicker for extra comfort.

Easy and simple to put on. Good as a reusable item ie easy to wash daily. I use this product to relieve pain under the balls of my feet. So far so good!

Hello Happy Feet!

The metatarsal pads provide gentle support, reducing pressure on the affected area and allowing me to walk without discomfort.