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Hoverboard and Kart Bundle UK - Official Hoverkart Go Kart For 6.5" & 8.5" & 10" Segway Swegway Hoverboard

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About Hoverboard and Kart Bundle UK

The hoverboard and kart bundle UK is the ultimate add-on that turns your hoverboard into a thrilling go-kart. With its unique and officially designed hoverkart, which combines control, speed, and pure exhilaration, you can take your hoverboarding experience to the next level.

Why Official hoverboard and kart bundle UK Special?

Sturdy and Lightweight Design:

The hoverboard and kart bundle UK is made of premium steel and plastic and is meant to last. It's quite light, though, so you can carry it around with ease.

hoverboard and kart bundle uk

Universal Compatibility:

There's no need to worry about compatibility difficulties because it fits the majority of 6.5", 8", 8.5", and 10" hoverboards.

Simple to Put Together and Fasten:

No tools are needed! You may start racing as soon as you fasten the Hoverkart to your hoverboard using the supplied straps.

Ergonomic Design of Hoverboard and Kart Bundle UK:

Even on lengthy trips, the adjustable steering wheel and padded seat guarantee a comfortable ride.

Secure and Managed:

You can ride with confidence because of the Hoverkart's wide wheelbase and low center of gravity, which offer stability and control.

Fun and Portable Hoverboard and Kart Bundle UK:

Spend hours outside with the Hoverkart at parks, playgrounds, or even your driveway.

Why You Need To Buy This?

  • Make your hoverboarding routine more exciting.
  • Get some fresh air and exercise.
  • Compete against your loved ones and pals.
  • Make enduring memories
  • Easy Installation & Intuitive Steering System
  • Durable Construction
  • Adjustable Frame & Seat

With the hoverboard and kart bundle uk, you can turn your hoverboard into an exciting go-kart. With this creative and officially designed attachment, you can enjoy the outdoors while unleashing the speed, control, and excitement of racing. Prepare yourself for a thrilling ride!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great addition to a hover board

Great addition to my daughters hover board, easy to use and very sturdy

Emily K

So pleased! This has been so much fun and easily took my weight too! My daughter loved the colour!

Justin Pitt
Battery life very good

Bought this for my grandson he is very pleased with it

Hover board

Outstanding value for the money My daughter thinks it's the greatest thing ever.

Sandra M.

Fantastic tool, simple to use, vibrant lights ideal for kids of all ages The gadget takes longer to charge than to run.