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Hypervolt Massage Gun UK - Dual-head Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager Handheld Massage Gun

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About Hypervolt Massage Gun UK

The reduced striking range caused by the lower volume is compensated for by the dual-headed continuous hitting, which also increases hitting effectiveness and accuracy of the hit spot. The highest number of rotations in the vibration mode may reach 2600 per minute, and the special double-head design can provide 5200 impacts.

Easy to Carry:

Hypervolt Massage Gun UK has the ability to penetrate deeper muscle tissue due to its smaller size and reduced resistance from high volume. It is manageable and barely weighs 1.38 pounds. You may carry it everywhere you go because it comes with a carrying case.

Hypervolt Massage Gun UK

4 Different Silicone Head Types:

Each muscle receives a focused massage from it. You can have a different massage experience by simply and fast detaching and reattaching the massage head. It is advised to relax the muscles that relate to the various fitness components.

Long Battery Life:

Battery life in the initial vibration setting can last up to 20 hours. Use the type-C interface to charge for convenience and speed, even for portable power.

Multi-level Suspension Shock Absorption, Noise Reduction Re-improved:

Installation of a silicone three-point suspension system efficiently reduces motor noise and vibration, with a maximum speed sound level of less than 60 dB.

Super Impacting, Deep Relaxing:

Deep muscular tissue is significantly relaxed by the highest speed of 2600R, 5200 high-frequency vibrations per minute, and 13kgf of impact force.

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Customer Reviews

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Love this for my sore muscles!

This works wonders in my shoulders, neck and arms. It’s very powerful and has different levels for your comfort. It’s very easy to use and the attachments that it comes with work in different parts of your muscles.