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folding weights bench
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folding weights bench

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Incline Decline Weight Bench - Adjustable Bench,Utility Weight Bench for Full Body Workout- Multi-Purpose Foldable incline/decline Bench

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About This Item : 

An item of equipment known as a weight training bench is similar to a regular bench but is specifically made for use during weight training, Incline Decline Weight Bench. With 6 back position adjustments and 4 seat position adjustments. This utility adjustable bench is designed to accommodate any user for full-body workouts.

folding weights bench

Design : 

For 20 years, this design and production of workout equipment. Particularly in the case of the WEIGHT BENCH, our designers developed the bench with the guidance of a qualified fitness coach to increase user effectiveness.

We created this high-end, stylish, and adaptable bench. Simple design with a distinctive triangular structure, 600 LBS WEIGHT CAPACITY, and heavy-duty commercial steel construction gives you an unmatched level of safety and stability throughout the exercise. Equipment is suitable for at-home full-body workouts.

The training bench is made of heavy-duty, commercial-grade steel, making it incredibly solid and long-lasting. The training bench is stable while you are exercising thanks to its distinctive triangular shape. Padding made of high-density foam improves fitness comfort.

Stowable Bench:

The foldable exercise bench is simple to transport, requires no assembly, and can be stored under the bed or allowed to stand by leaning against a wall to conserve space.

Safe & High-Quality Incline Decline Weight Bench:

Our weight bench, which is adjustable, has a 450-pound load capacity. The weight bench is extremely stable and long-lasting since it is made of heavy-duty commercial-quality steel.

Soft Dense Foam Padding :

This weight bench has a soft leather surface that is padded with thick foam, making it pleasant to do a variety of exercises on.

Buy Confidently :

Please feel free to purchase our foldable bench. Get a year on the frame and a 30-day supply of pads when you order now. If unsatisfied, receive a full, unconditional return.

Configuration Upgrade:

Incline Decline Weight Bench, Structure has strong, non-slip rubber feet to guard against scratchier. Geng the ft a one-year frame guarantee when you order now. Please get in touch with us if you have any installation issues, and we will work with you to resolve them. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Total body strengthening system inone bench!

This multi-position utility bench has become the cornerstone of my full-body workout routine. The various incline, decline, and flat angles support an arsenal of presses, flies, crunches, and more that target each major muscle group.

Finally six pack ABS!

After hitting a plateau with traditional crunches that left my abs flabby and undefined, this multi-angle utility bench has completely transformed my core development.

Back fat burner extreme!

This multi-angle utility bench has taken my back and ab workouts - and results- to an entirely new level. The various incline, declines, and flat positions allow me to target hard-to-reach muscle groups using exercises that isolate and challenge my entire core.

Finally grew armsymuscles!

After hitting a plateau with traditional flat bench pressing, this multi-angle utility bench has completely transformed my arm development. The versatile incline, decline, and flat positions allow me to target specific areas of my chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Total body workout revolution

This adjustable incline decline bench has revolutionized my home workouts. The versatile angles allow me to target specific muscle groups using presses, flies, crunches, and more.