Jaw Exercises Tool
Jaw Exercises Tool
Jaw Exercises Tool
Jaw Exercises Tool
Jaw Exercises Tool
Jaw Exercises Tool

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Jaw Exercises Tool - Chiselled Jawline Fitness Neck Face Toning Anti-Wrinkle

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About Jaw Exercises Tool 

Removes neck wrinkles and triple chins by engaging more than 55 muscles

This jaw exercises tool stimulates 57+ facial, cheek, and neck muscles to achieve a contoured, chiseled, and youthful grin.


Food-grade Silicone: 

We use food-grade silicone for our jaw exerciserOur double chin reduction is made of the same material as a newborn dummy and has no chemical additives or byproducts. It is safe to chew on.

Reduces Cravings: 

Resulting in more weight reduction and removing double chins and flabby facial muscles. This jaw exerciser tightens your face, chisels the jawline contour, and helps you look younger by strengthening your jaw and face.

Jaw Exercises Tool

The Citystore 40-lb jaw exerciser is the perfect size for everyone

The initial strength will not place a significant strain on your teeth and muscles. The ideal size for both men and women

Use Everywhere

It can be used anywhere and at any time, even to water plants. At the gym, while driving, or while sitting at your workplace. Our jaw exerciser can be used at any time and in any place. You will see benefits after only 10 minutes of daily use! Colors were picked at random.

Customer Reviews

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Multifunctional Miracle Worker

Not only did this sculpt an angular jawline but it also helped with TMJ, headaches, bruxism and migraine relief by releasing tension. The pulsating motions massage problem areas as it trains muscles. It's like multiple tools in one.

Natural Facelift in a Box

I'm in my 50s now and gravity has not been kind over the years. This exerciser works out the muscles to lift everything back up into place - no expensive procedures needed. Wrinkles are diminished and my double chin is erased. It even improves muscle tone in my neck. I feel 10 years younger already. Best anti-aging purchase hands down.

Face Gains Goals Achieved

As a guy focused on looksmaxing and facial aesthetics, this was an essential addition to my routine. I follow a lot of 'face gym' gurus on social media and a strong jawline is crucial for appearance and testosterone levels.

Teddy Rezende
Saw Instant Results

Most products advertised 'results in 6-8 weeks' but I swear I saw changes within the first 2 weeks of using this. The combination of pops, bites and stretches left my jaw feeling splendidly sore the next day.

New Confidence Boost

I've always been self-conscious about my double chin and weak jawline. After a few months using this exerciser, the definition is finally starting to show through. The before and after photos are shocking! I feel like a new person.