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Junior Boxing Sets - Junior Boxing Set Kids Punch Bag Ball & Mitts Gloves Kit Children Free Standing

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About Junior Boxing Sets

Presenting our Junior Boxing Sets, an ideal means of acquainting your youngster with the thrilling realm of boxing. While encouraging physical health, coordination, and self-control. For young, aspiring boxers, this all-in-one package comes with a punching bag, a ball, mitts, and gloves, offering a complete training experience.

Key Features Of Junior Boxing Sets

Eco-friendly Style:

With a compact and age-appropriate design, this junior boxing sets was created especially for children. Young users will find it both attractive and safe because of the strong materials and vivid colors.

Junior Boxing Sets

Punch Bag [Free-Standing]:

The free-standing design does away with the requirement for laborious installations. Your child may begin practicing punches and kicks without the inconvenience of wall- or ceiling-mounted equipment after you set it up in any room.

Adjustable Height Junior Boxing Sets:

Expand alongside your young one! Because the junior boxing sets height is simply adjustable to fit your child's growing height, the set will still be appropriate as they advance in skill.

Entire Set:

Everything your young boxer needs for a thorough exercise is included in this bundle. The package includes gloves, mitts, a rebound ball, and a punch bag—everything needed for a comprehensive training session.

Fifth, Sturdy Construction:

High-quality, long-lasting materials are used to make the punch bag and gloves, so they can resist the blows and kicks of eager young boxers. The gloves are comfortable enough for prolonged use and offer sufficient protection.

Skill Development Junior Boxing Sets:

As your child learns the principles of boxing in a supervised and secure atmosphere, support the growth of their balance, coordination, and self-control.

Use Both Inside and Outside:

This adaptable set is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, rainy days or sunny afternoons. You can choose to set it up in the playroom or take it outside.

Package Includes:

  • 1  Free-Standing Punch Bag with Adjustable Height
  • 1  Rebound Ball
  • 1  Pair of Mitts
  • 1  Pair of Gloves

Give your child a fun and active way to channel their energy with our junior boxing sets. Ideal for both beginners and those looking to advance their skills, this kit is the perfect addition to your child's fitness routine. Start the journey to a healthier, more disciplined lifestyle today – order the Junior Boxing Set now!

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Customer Reviews

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Julie Conradie
Good product

Grandson loves this, sturdy enough for a 4yr old, even though it says 8+


Little one loves this excellent build quality