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Lumbar Traction Device - Electric Waist Back Massager Auto-timing Spine Support

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About Lumbar Traction Device

Lumbar Traction Device, The airbags' clever dynamic traction allows the lumbar spine to be rotated up and down, which relieves strain on the vertebrae.

Lumbar Traction Device

Heat Therapy: Lumbar Traction Device

The lumbar traction device can rapidly warm up to increase blood flow, drive away moisture and cold, ease lumbar spine discomfort and stiffness, and create a comfortable, relaxed waist.

Vibration Massage:

produces calming vibrations using the integrated, strong massage motors. can improve the massage's effects and help reduce lumbar muscular tension and discomfort.

Customizable for Everyone:

offers you a variety of massage settings and other features. You can personalize a configuration to get the best comfort and impact. 

Safe to Use: Lumbar Traction Device

Its automatic 15-minute shut-off feature can save energy and guard against overheating-related damage. The lumbar traction device may perform safely within a temperature range thanks to the overheat protection feature.

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Customer Reviews

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It works!

After three weeks of use, I definitely notice an improvement so the device seems to fulfill its purpose.